On September 8, Beijing, September 8, Arizona Running Snake was defeated at the Atlanta Warrior at home, and Alev – Avila was painful because of the painless knee pain. The same situation also included Ronald Akunia Misunderstood and hips. The Warriors will rumor the primary trial of the main trial of Siyia and the coach, because the temper https://www.mlbboutique2.com is too hot from being directly expelled.The snake catcher is unlucky is smashed by Mart.The host introduced the Atlanta Warrior to the fans before promoting the fans. In the country, the first place in Guandong District, the first place, leading the Philadelphians have 3.5 wins are close https://www.fanbutikk.com to the partition champion; disclose the Arizona Rattles. The Shentai, temporarily falling to the third place in the National United District, and the achievements in the past 12 games were 4 wins and 8 losses, and 9 were partitioned in civil war. The commentary guest Zhang Jiafu bluntly said that the snake saw the gods this season, but unfortunately, the big alliance had 162 games to see 9- October.The main scene of Arizona, the main scene of the Arizona, Paul Gold Sch of Sch of the first place, knocking out the sun, the next half https://www.mlbtrojerse.com of the spring, the organizer immediately played the police reported the beep, the drum noise fans, the homes of the sound of the snake in the moment Fantasy fans a jubilant scene. Edward – Espoba and Paul Gold Schmidt knocked out the series of safety in the second half, the scene was also blowing https://www.fanbutikk.com the melody of the charge, and used David-Peralta Then form a place by 1-1.The tail snake camp is the most unlucky. Alev – Avila, Achi-Bradley debuts in the 8th game to take the battle in Pingye, the result is that the ball was warriors Freddy-Friedman Wipe to the ball, resulting in a baseball to change the trajectory directly to the side of the catcher. According to Jialin Zhang Jiafu, Alex-Avila knees do not have a protective gear, and it is impossible to know how much pain in the incorrect incidence of wiking rods, I saw that Avira https://www.fanstore2.com

directly painfully squatted for a long time Just get up.

It is naturally Kitte Malt, and the host promotes the yellow short hair very stealing the mirror. The martial arts actively enthusiastically enthusiastically enthusiastically and tensile, and then kicks the best to force the body. https://www.b2bshopp.com However, just as the speech, Zhang Jiafu said that the price will be paid, and Marter passed on the 8th game and passed the ball to Nick Ameide, but the latter was obviously prepared to be unexpected, let the warrior ran back 1 to 3-4.

This game has occurred in the first half of the 8th game. At that time, Paul Gold Schmidt could only cross the ball and changed the ball and turned and turned and kill. Out, Warriors trainer confirmed that DV Schmidt made a change in the foot of the footer after the criminals. David Pellarta is in the middle of the 9th game, the defense is quite exciting. I saw him all the way to the precise positioning flying and killed, successfully killing the Warriors’ final hope.

Warriors fierce the coach from being expelled from the hips of the Akunia

Ronald Akunia has become one of the most competition stories. In the second half of the 1st, the left outer wild hands of the Warriors are paired with Edward – Eskiba, and start the power. The squid is killed before the squid, even the first pitcher Kevin Gantoman can’t help but applaud. However, Ronald Akunia has an embarrassing gaze in the second half of the second place, but it is unexpectedly to form two bases, and the guest Zhang Jiafu is a large pot. .

Akunia is more unluckwalking in the past two accidental injuries, among the top half of the first half, the pitch of Patrick Colbin is actively waving, but the baseball is unexpectedly rebounded by rubbing the rod change trajectory. Quickly smash your own foot. I saw that his pain was hard to throw away the ball and walked to the side until he was relieved to returned the competition for a long time. The explanation of Zhang Jiafu introduced that this part will not have a protective gear, it can be seen that there is much pain at the time of Cunia.

Ronald Akunia is the first half of the 8th game to the Warriors, the first is to knock out the advantage of the ankle and use the fast-moving advantage. Subsequently, Akunia wanted to seize the opportunity to patent, but it was hoped by Brad’s insanity. Akunia has a situation in the situation, and turned back to the bar. However, in the process of hitting the right side of the right side of Bradley in the process of squatting, I saw him holding the pain with his hand. Shout.

AJ-Pooko is a high-speed ball that is close to the homer in the second bureau, but is confiscated by the Warriors Sino-foreign wilderness. Fertiles. Commentary Zhang Jiafu praised Uttiati is a defense of the gold glove level, and the words of this is to change to other venues. How much is Ozi-Albes? I saw him knocking out of the hometown of Fang Yaquan in the middle of the 7th Council, and all the way to run away the helmet.

Although Paul Gold Schmidt took the first half of the snake to knock out the spring gun, John Camago did not show weakness in the third game, and the warriors were flattened to 1-1. This highlights are unexpectedly hitting the watch walls and falls slightly more unexpectedly. The Warriors in the 7th Bureau, the next half, contributed the wonderful god defense, John Camor’s flat-fly balls, immediately started to leap to the right side, will have the ball that is expected to be defeated to beaten, Bell this halfway without a drop.

After the score, the Warriors https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com are tempering, and the desior Siyi’s fourth game is resolved by Patrick Colbin, directly turned to the main trial, the result is expelled, and even the idea that the guest Zhang Jiafu is incredible. . The same situation also happened in the first half of the 8th game, Adam Duwar was surprised when the total number was out of the world, and the Warriors trainer was in front of the front and exploitation, and the video playback showed the song. The ball is low but still in a good ball.