On September 14th, Beijing time, the US professional baseball big league has 9 games: the bears fight the war country, the tail snake against warlo, the martial arts battle metropolis, https://www.mlbdrakterno.com the sportsist battle Gao Yi, blue bird battle red socks, Dodge pair of red Tits, the double city battle royal, the sailor battle angel.The Red Sox of Meidian East has achieved 100 wins. The Indians in the United States of America have a steady part of the name. In addition to the Shuangcheng, the other three teams have no future play games, and the United States of America’s defending champion space team leads the second sports team 3 winners. The outer card teams of the two far leading the team are Yangji and sports. Blue birds, Jinxi and visitors have also been kicked out outside the playoffs.The advantages of the Warriors in Guoxung District continue to expand, leading the second Philadelphia team with 7.5 condominium. The head name of Guoxianzhong District competes for the sword, the wineman team and the bear team have only one difference, and the Kaimo, the Guiyan West District, the leader of the Kaisi District, and the snake is gradually divided, and the slate team is 3.5.[Chicago Cabin Team – Washington National Team]The bear team first pitcher: Mike MontgomeryNational team first pitcher: Joe RoseThe bear team is currently only a winner of the winemaker, and the chance of wheezing is not allowed. The bear team has not received a rest for 30 consecutive games. In the last idle day, the gear of the last idle day is also specifically flying to Washington and the nationals. A team of compensation, and this game does not know if the impact of the big hurricane can be carried out.The bear team first pitched Mike Montgomery (4-5, the self-sharing rate 3.85) will be issued in the third time since August 8th, this is the first time the Montgomery’s career.The National Team has just swept the Philadelphians, and the first fartal pitcher is Queo Rose. I just did the ligament reconstruction surgery last year. He last week’s battle of the courses. , Self-blade 3.44.[Los Angeles Daoqi “Dodge team first firing: Kretton Kk 4The red team first pitcher: Osts – ChemThe four series of Dodge and Purchain is similar to the preview of the playoffs, and the two sides are still competing for the outer card. Three weeks ago, the red scitch swept the road, and if the patron won again, if the two sides have the same, you can get the home advantage.The Hashque team has completely burst out after all-star games and has been stable. In the past 33 games, it won 23 games. He started from August 1, and https://www.maillotspascherfr.com the self-blade rate 2.77, firmly occupied the position of the first round value, and lost 2 points for the battle of the battle 5 last month.Dodge team first pitched the pitcher Kok Xiao is very familiar with the rhythm of the next half season. He has lost less than 2 points in 9 times, and the Khako career is 16 days of the arms of the arms, and the self-sharing rate is 2.99, but this season is still the first battle.[Toronto Blue Birds – Boston Red Socks]Blue Birds First Pointer: Sam – JiavorioRed Socks First Pointer: Idu Aldo RodrigsThis is the first time for the Red Sox of over 70 years. The last day is still in 1946, Baix Sheng is also the 4th time for the reddock team of the long team. The reddock team’s head coach Alex-Corra became the second year of the chief coach leading the team to reach a million https://www.mlbboutique2.com victory (the first is Jack – Stel 1912 105-47) .Kara said: The goal of the red sock team is to win the championship. The news conference in the season has already shown his ambition, and now I can finally have a little position and the air.The reddings team first sent a pitcher Rodriguez (12-4, self-sharing 3.64) on the game, the battle space 3.1 6 Anwill lost 5 points, including two home hits. He career battle Blue Birds 11 (10 times forward) 3-3, self-blade rate 4.63, this season is 3 games 2-0, self-blade rate 2.41.The Blue Bird Team first pitched Jiavorio (3-8, self-sharing rate 5.25) one of the victory is the battle of red socks (relay pitching), this season, his battle Red Socks 4 times 1 -1, self-blade rate 3.95, 2 times in Fenwei Stadium, 2 times, and self-blade 4.82.After tomorrow’s Bluebird Campaign, https://www.mlbtrojerse.com the red socks will fight the two teams in New York, Metropolis and Yangji.[Arizona Snake Team – Colorado Squad]The snake team first pitcher: Kray BuckhtzLuoji team first firing: Kyle FrelandLuoji won 8 games in the past 11 games, the first firing Frender is the same performance as the overlord this season, 13 first 8-2, self-sharing rate 2.21, before the 7 games Rocky has achieved victory, 5-0, self-blade 2.03.25 years old Fritan is a divergent Denver guy, this season is not so domineering this season, three first hair is 0-1, self-sharing rate 4.96, career fighting snake team 6 games 1-2, self-blade rate 4.60.The first snake team’s first pitcher Buckhtz is 34 years old. After the end of the season, I can’t find a signing team. I have signed a small alliance contract with Royal 3A. The record is 1-0, my blame https://www.fanartikelsportde.com rate is 1.59, May On the 1st, I jumped out of the contract and signed a small alliance contract with the snake snake. The current snake team general manager Mike Heisen and his assistant in the front line office of the Red Sox in 2005, in 2005, Barvoz is the first round of the red socks. Buckhoz’s second first-end, the second first, the second first, the second year after the big league board, 2010 17-7, and the self-sharing rate is 2.33, and all the stars are selected. In 2013, Barvoz was once again selected an all-star, followed by the injury torture. He carefully faced the Rociji team, and the 5th bureau lost 6 points in 2016.