On October 4th, Beijing time, MLB American Professional Baseball Grand Union ushered in the National Bank Partition Series, the National Lianzhong District Championship challenged the National Liandong District Champion Warrior. The first six games 1 to 3, the rockets were released in the 8.9 bureau, and the Warriors were all close to the score in the nine https://www.maillotsenligne.com groups, but the final squad is still 7 to 6 victory in the road. Open the door.[Data Highlight]The nine players of the Red Rock knocked out, including Edman, Gold Schmidt, Austria, Durong and Wang Tuo had a single 2 play. First pitcher Mikolars 5 games only one point. The https://www.b2bshopp.com Warriors Akunia single field 3, including a home run, the Warriors have 11 sets of people in the whole ring.[Competition process]On the first game, Kakkol made three three three, the first bureau, the Warrior relied on the guarantee of the guarantee, and Donalderson’s point of view made the warrior leader. The second game under McCain took the lead in knocking out the second base https://www.fanartikelsportde.com to be played, and the teammate did not send him back.After the third game, the second base of Mikolars was hitting the Red Flag of 1.2, but unfortunately Edman knocked out the double kill, the third https://www.mlbtrikot4.com bureau, Mikolas, three. The fourth game, the red nice unmanned, there is no submission.In the fifth game, Favler helped the Red Tit in the case of the three-way, the fifth bureau, the fifth bureau, the second base, the second base, still there was no way to come back. On the sixth game, Austria took the lead in knocking out two bases, but the teammates did not form series, the sixth game was overwhelmed by the two out of the game, and the Warriors took 3 to 1. The seventh bureau has no construction trees.On the eighth game, Gold Schmidt’s Yangchun is blowing the red squid, after this, Kapertree knocked out to make the team equalize the score. The ninth board of red scorply rely on the guarantee and four parallel series, the top of the 19th, the ninth board, the home base of Caignia and Freman, the warriors will shrink to 1 point, but the final Martin Si https://www.trikotskaufenn.com still guarded the victory of the red ramp[First lineup]warriorFirst stick Chinese and foreign wilder Ronald – AkuniaThe second stick Barbers AlbyThird rod, Base, Freddy – FremanThe fourth stick of three bases, Josh DonalsonFifth rod left field Nick – MalcargisSixth stick right wilder hand Matt – JoyceSeventh stick crampler Brian McCainEighth Bar Guarders Dansby – SwansenThe ninth stick first, Dallas KakorRock row:First stick right wilder, Daxut-WomSecond sticksThird stick, Based, Paul, Gold SchmidtThe fourth stick left outer wilderman Masel – AustrianFifth rod catcher Yadir – MolinaSixth Guardian Paul – DelongThe seventh stick two bases Colon – WangEighth stick Chinese and foreign wilder Harrison – BadThe ninth stick first pitcher Mikolars[Next prospect]On October 5th, Beijing, the second game will continue to carry out in https://www.fanstore2.com

Atlanta, the red rose discharge Jack – Fleti first shot, this season, his 11 wins and 8 lost scores 2.75 to send 231 times Three vibrations, this will be the first show in his playoff, and 15 first self-sharing rates in the second half of the second half.

The Warriors are sending Mike Fertitz, and the 8 wins and 6 loss this season 4.54, from August 5th, he has only 2.65.