On March 22, Tokyo (Wen / Shiji Xia) talked out. Almost always kept silent Suzuki, and finally came out. On March 21, a generation of baseball god announced his retirement after the sailor team. After the game, he was at 11:56 to the Thailand’s giant egg at 11:56, which disclosed the reasons and future of his own decision. Conception.Suzuki is in the conferenceI have always been a kind of Suzuki, which https://www.fanstore2.com

is a baseball professional trainer, I hope that my sports career can last until the age of 51. But in the brutal competitive world of the big alliance, the feelings do not mean everything.

At the press conference, Suzuki, who was wearing the sailor jersey announced that the end of Japan was 9 years, the United States’s 19-year player career, “I can get the jersey until the last https://www.fanartikelsportde.com thing, can usher in this day, I feel very happiness. “

He disclosed that this decision is to pull itself in front of Alessana, which is adjacent to the end. At that time, the distance returned to Japan, only a short day.

“On the one hand, there is a strike in the small-linked contract with the sailor team, that is, on behalf of the sailor team in Japan, playing the game in Tokyo giant egg. On the other hand, because until the episode is rapid, he https://www.b2bshopp.com still played No satisfactory results, no power to reverse this all. “Suzuki said.

Speaking of the most profevenation of your career, Suzuki said that the future is coming back, “The most memorable thing is today.” He also gave a child, I hope they find their own love as soon as possible. “Once found, it is infinitely enthusiastic. Love, can help overcome everything. This requires more https://www.mlbtrojerse.com try. “

Suzuki is also praised, the Grand Valley is the best https://www.mlbdrakterno.com baseball player in the world.

Once, Suzuki said more than once, “It’s hard to imagine, the future is no longer playing the baseball.” At the end of the conference, Suzuki said, although it is not a active player, but he will still play baseball. “It is estimated that on that road, I will also pursue the ultimate.”

The conference ended until 1:30 in the morning of 22, and the whole https://www.maillotsenligne.com continued for nearly 100 minutes.