On June 18, Beijing, the United States, the United States continued to fight 11 games. The specific competition is as follows: Giants 3-2 Dodge, Jinxi 2-3 sportswate, Royal 6-4 sailor, wineman 0-2 priest, light 0 -3 Yangji, Angel 10-5 Blue Bird, Space Man 2-3 Red, Metropolitan 3-12 Warriors, Indians 2-7 Cavalry, Red Lock 2-0 Shuangcheng, Malinfish 0-5 Red Tit, Philadelphians were postponed with the national competition.Red stockings 2-0 ShuangchengThis game Shuangcheng first pitcher Bellos lost 8.0 games to send 10 three-oscillated, not guaranteed, only 1 point, but accept the lost, it can be seen in this game. On the game, only 5 security play, swallow 9 times of three vibrations and 12 restrictions, and https://www.fanartikelsportde.com the hit is 5 pieces in the case of some people.Discover the red socks, the first-hand pitcher Posoloto is over 7.0 bureaus to be hitting 4 security, send 8 three-oscillated 1 time, join hands with the pitcher zero double city, JD-Martinez and Bugocts contributed key points. After winning this game, the red socks are already 6 consecutive victories, and the two bits of the second part of the division are still 4 games, and the double city is opened 1.5 games by Yangji. Nearly 10 games only win.Marinfish 0-5 SapphireMarion fish hit 8 safeguards but could not take 1 point, and the sagny also hit 8 security to get 5 points, and the ability to grasp the opportunity is the key to win.The palette three bases, Capan, and the right outer wilder, Foule, who contributed the home, among which Fule is a three-point https://www.b2bshopp.com gun, which is based on his home run in the second half of the eighth game. Winning. Cagpete is the first stick of extremely responsible, and the 3 points run back to 3 points, excellent open road.Indians 2-7 visitorsThe sword is full of firepower, 4 players take some points, including Andrews, Santana harvested 2 points, and the efficiency of the line offensive is extremely high, only 8 amps will send back 7 points. The swordsman first made a handlant-Lynn played outstanding, and the 7.0 bureau picked only 1 point, sent 9 three vibrations, and the 8th wins in the season, retrieved a good state.The Indians ushered in the review of Clay Wenjie, but the first ball did not return to the injury, only 4.2 The game was hit by 3 security hits, lost 5 points, sent 7 times three times 3 times Boot, and also receipt the https://www.mlbdrakterno.com first season of the season.Metropolis 3-12 WarriorsMetropolis be defeated by the Warriors in the late stage of the game, and finally the four games lost 10 more. First, Pitcher’s 6.0 bureau lost 5 points, 4 of whom, and sent 4 three-oscillated 2 times. Ville will fall behind at 3-15, in fact, there is a chance to recover the score, but this season makes the fans who have collapsed very “explosion” again, only to solve one player, send 2 times Pull the 3 points to be hitted to be played 1, and it is the beginning of the score.The most colorful Warrior War is the recent retrieval of Albes. 3 Acting 4 points of the audience got 2 points, Little Okia, Markkiks and McCain also had 2 points.Spaceman 2-3 redThe red man picks up the United States, and Castill will continue to play a good play. 6.0 Bureau https://www.mlbboutique2.com is only played 2 security, lost 2 points, sent 7 times, three oscillated but also up to 6 times, but this does not affect him The 7th wins next season.The spaceman first sent a smooth pitch to the first four bureaus in Meri, and suddenly there was no state in the fifth game, the union lost 3 points, that is, this 3 points leads to the loss of space people, the red people’s Senzer and Suarez joint Send this 3 points. Although the space man recovered 2 points in the seventh game, the last 1 point has never been successful.Angel 10-5 blue birdAfter the big valley is flat, there is a high level of hits, almost every game has contributed, this field is 1 point for 3 points to help the angel win the victory. And the biggest hero of the angel is the number one superstar Truite, 5 counts of 4 支 打 3 points, unstoppable beats.While the blue bird lost, but the biggest comfort is a tender again, it is brightly characterized again. The four preserves all the base, and the 2 points of play 3 points are running back 2 points.Ray 0-3 YangjiIn the cruel competition in the Eastern United States, the rays have been lost to the Yangji. After the reverse ultrafellue to the second, gradually be opened the gap and is currently 1.5 fields.Tanaka will be a big god soldier, and the field is completed in 9 biases, 111 balls, only to be played 2 security, and send 10 three vibrations 1 time. After the Yangji walked over, after several general injuries, it was already invincible, and the introduction of strong battanasi, I can’t think of the reason that Yangji can’t enter the World Competition.Jinyan 2-3 sportsmanJinyan first pitcher Andrew-Cashal is still a stable player with high-quality first, the 6.0 bureau lost 3 points, of which 1 is self-responsive, but the weakness of the royal line is weak, and it is impossible to contribute to the team. . The 16th rescue of the Tricein gain season, column 9 of the league.Giants 3-2 DodgeDodicos once again, and the giant will have a victory. Dodge has a lot of people in the near future, and nearly 10 games, 5 wins and 5 losses, always wins and negative, is not stable, but in the country’s west, the advantage is large, and the maintenance rate can still occupy the position.The giant won the hero is Crawford, and 1 is a safe to win 2 points, and the key score in the pitcher war is only hitting 3 security. The recent biggest problem in Dodge is to waste the ability to deal with the opportunity, and there is 15 restrictions in this field, which is not enough to lose the game.Royal 6-4 sailorRoyal thrilling wins, in the seventh, eighth, nine games, continued to score, one fell in the second half, the second half of the ninth bureau, no one was captured, but the terminator sent 2 times, three vibration plus 1 High-speed ball out, perfectly resolve the crisis.Wineman 0-2 priestIt is also a low score, the priest first pitcher Lucexi 7.0 bureau pool did not lose, winning the victory, Yats, gathered the 25th rescue point of the season, and continued to lead the big alliance rescue king. The winemaker is uncomfortable, and the whole team hits 4 times, only Jeregi knocks out 1 second base.