November 2 Day (Wen / Mike Petriello MLB official website senior writer)When we have begun to pay attention to the trendy trading rumors, we must first pay attention to a signing method outside of this: qualified quotation.The various teams must make a decision within 5 days after the end of the World Competition (as of 5 am on November 3, Beijing), whether they want to give a “specific free player” one for the team’s contractA $ 17.9 million in a year, and the quoted player has 10 days to consider they are accepting or rejected this offer.If they refuse to quotation and sign a new contract with other teams, the old east of this player will get some compensation on some draft.Yang Bay team’s three bases Herne-Walker accepts qualified quotesIn most cases, the focus we pay attention is which players accepted this offer, not who refused this offer. After all, people refused are not in a small number, and those accepted have confounded. In the past six-year break, a total of 73 players have accepted this qualified quote, and only five players finally accepted the team’s quote, they were Brett Anderson, Jere Michalic Hellickson, Neil Walker, Cole Rasmus, and Matt Wieters.Howard, Holland has been down in the past two years. After the 2017 season, I got the Tung Mountain again and again, but the state was bad, and the state was worse.So we see some players such as Alex Cobb, Mike Moustakas, Mike Moustakas, Mike Moustakas, Mike Moustakas, Mike Moustakas, and Land Lance Lynn’s struggle in the free market after rejection of the team’s qualified quotation, almost reached the point where no one was. So what is the situation this year?In this new list of free players this year, there are some stars players who are famous, and there are many players worthy of play. So let’s make a forecast, which players will receive a qualified offer and how they will deal with.First let’s explain the scope of qualified quotes: First of all, this player must act on the same team in the season, so like Manny Machado, Andrew McChen (Andrew McCutchen) Zach Britton, Nathan Eovaldi, Josh Donaldson, Matt Harvey, Brian – Multi-Qi Brian Dozier, Ja-Happ, Wilson Ramos, is not within this discussion list.Second, this player has never received qualified quotes in his previous career. So Nelson Cruz, Neil Walker, David Robertson, is not in this list of Daniel Murphy. We divide the remaining players into the following situations:There is media predict that Harper will sign a contract with a total value of 300 million US dollars.First, it will be quoted, but will definitely refuse:1. Bryce Harper (Bryce Harper) China and Foreign Wilder Washington2. Patrick Corbin Pitcher Arizona SnakeThese two players are actually not worth discussing. Harper, as a free market in the free market, as a super superstar who has been able to get a lot of personal abilities, and it is likely to get a record-free quote. And there is no reason, the National Team will definitely give the Harper’s offer, in fact, just to get the right to compensate, not in the world. Because I don’t want to think about it, I will not accept this offer. And Kordin is a number of first fireers in the free market, but different from the national Harper. Do not use a big contract to re-sign the Colb back.Jinyu’s Chinese and foreign wilder Adam – Jones is a full star and gold gloves level playerSecond, may not be passed by the player1. Adam Jones Chinese and foreign wild hands Baltimore2. Jonathan-Lukroy Catcher Auckland Sports3. Adrián Beltré 3rd Square Texas Route4. Cody Allen Pitcher Cleveland Indians5. Adam Ottavino Pitcher Colorado6. Carlos – Carlos González Outfielder Coloradokyki7.DJ – Dj Lemahieu 2ndrhand Coloradoky8. Freddy Galvis guerrilla San Diego priest9. Nick Markakis (Nick Markakis) Outfielder Atlanta Warrior10.CC-Sabasia (CC Sabathia) Pitcher New York Yangji11. Lonnie Chisenhall, Outfield, Cleveland, Indians12. Justin Wilson Pitcher Chicago Bear13. Evan Gattis Specialized in Houston Space Man14. Daniel Descalso Wilderner Arizona Snake15. Mawen – Marwin González Tools Houston Space ManSo many players do not say that these players are not good enough, and they do not match the qualified quotes. The vast majority of these players will also be favored by all teams, and they will increase their price in 2019. These players are now in the middle and late period of career. Once injured or in good play, they will greatly affect the amount of the next contract.Jinbreier as a historic reached 400 rescue fastest terminations, now also impact on various recordsThird, various reasons will not have a qualified quote1. Craig Kimbrel Pitcher Boston Red SocksJin Brell has been chasing the Hall of Fame. We feel that the only reason for the new movement of Jinbrell does not constitute a sensational effect is that the team’s sales of the Red Sox once again exceed the upper limit of luxury tax, and Jinbreier It shows a little weak in this season. His home base this season has doubled than last year. However, he is only 30 years old, and he will definitely be quoted by a big contract, so he will not accept qualified quotes.2. Dallas Keuchel Pitcher Houston Space ManThe situation is similar to Jinbreier, and Kales also has some places worth awake. His average ratio was 17.5 percentage above this season, and his rolling earth proportions fell 53.7% from the previous elite level. However, he just arrived at the age of 31 next year, so in order to fight his career potential last major contract, the spaceman may give him a qualified offer, and Kales may not accept it.3. Charlie – Charlie Morton Pitcher Houston Space ManIn his two years, his self-sharing rate is almost the same as the Indians’ Carlos – Karaceco, while the proportion of the three-oscillated ratio is almost the same as the throne of the rays. But he is about 35 years old next month, but the data he pays out this year is still good, so space people hope to stay him again. Morton can certainly get a complex year contract in the free market, but the average annual salary is more than 17.9 million, and his injuries may also reduce the team’s expectations to him.4.AJ-Polo (A. J. Pollock) China and foreign wild hands ArizonaIf Plock can stay in the whole year, he will become a player who is quite worthy of inquiries in the free market. But the reality is always cruel, he only has a complete season in 2015, and his hands came to more than 500. In December, he will be 31 years old, meaning that he will not miss a chance to prove that he is absolutely not Bles-Harper.5. Yasmani Grandal Catcher Los Angeles DaoqiAs a crampler who cracked down to eat, Gran Dol is a nightmare in the playoffs this year, and the defense is as good as it is, and the most dependent blow is not strong, directly leading to the world contest. However, the stable home base of regular season is still letting Daoqi have a hopes to him.6. Andrew Miller pitcher Cleveland IndiansMiller’s 4-year 36 million contracts signed after the end of the 2014 season, it looks not worth this price, but he proves that this is the most cost-effective investment in recent years. As a representative person, Miller is in 2016, with the gody to help Indians win the world competition. However, this year Miller entered the list of injured soldiers this year, and people have doubtful to his health problems. Although there are various reasons to believe that he can reope with the mountains, but the Indians should not take risks to double his salary to bet this probability.7. Michael Brantley Left Outer Wildener Cleveland IndiansLast year, when the Indian chose to accept the 12 million US dollar player options, it seems that the team is a big risk. After all, considering the body of his vitre, but Brants Using 143 games, more than 3% of the hit rate returned to his trust. Considering that Brandhei and Churns Hall will become a free player, Qi Mreme may absence many games because shoulder surgery may be absent from many games, and the Indian people’s field of foreign countries look quite thinner. The team can’t point to Leonis Martin. , Greg – Allen, Taylor – Narku is a good choice to stay Brandeli or a good choice, but he may choose a trial water free market.8. Hyun-jin Ryu pitcher Los Angeles DaoqiSpeaking of the history of injury, Liu Xianzheng’s number of pound bosses added in the past four seasons (213 and two-thirds) is not as good as this year Max-Xiezer, Jacob – Degrom, Cokekber Take the number of a season in a season with Jasteine. However, when he is healthy, his data is still quite beautiful. In the 82-game pool, his self-blade is less than 2. But this still will not let him get a single-year-old contract.9. Jed Lowrie 2rd bases Auckland SportsAfter many seasons who have experienced a floating floating, Lori finally had outstanding performance in the past two seasons. Even at some time, you can also passenger strings. However, Lori has been 35 years old this year, and the career has never obtained more than 8 million contracts. Considering that there is a lot of strength players who have the same position in this year’s free market, the sportsist is the team with the least amount of team, and it is conceivable that the sportsman should not provide reasonable quotation.