NCAA college football bowl game ended two Mandarin Chinese teenager missed regret missing the Rose Bowl

Beijing on Jan. 2, 2018-19 season, the league the last two NCAA college football bowl game came to a close an important preparation for the retirement of legendary coach Urban – Myers led Ohio State University to a 28-23 victory over Chinese teenager Taylor – University of Washington Rapp’s absence, won the rose bowl trophy; and the University of Texas at No. 15 seed Ai Ling grid of tough quarterback to lead 28-14 upset victory over No. 5 seed University of Georgia, won the sugar bowl. The following is a detailed battlefield of these two games:

23-28 Ohio State University, University of Washington

Meritorious coach of Ohio State University Urban – Myers announced his early retirement at the end of the season, the field of the Rose Bowl is his coaching career last game.

In order to draw on the coach’s coaching career to a successful conclusion, Ohio State captains one up quickly enter the state. Mike rely on – Weber promote effective road washed away, and passing 12 yards of the end zone line Haskins took the lead. After the University of Washington answered with 3 points, Ohio State’s passing attack is also completely open. Lost a hip injury sidelined the nation’s two front security guard Taylor – after Rapp, University of Washington in the far-reaching anti-pass position there was not a small problem. Haskins completed in two passes at 15 yards a wave of attacks at the end of the beginning of a two section, including the touchdown pass a 19 code. Before halftime, Haskins accept a third touchdown pass of the game to help Ohio State University took the lead at halftime 21-3.

Half of the game back, and Ohio State the first force, took over Campbell and Hill together to get the ball 75 yards, eventually Dobbins overnight red ball in the end zone three yards in front of the line, will be widened to 28-3. 28-3, how familiar a score, the Patriots in the Super Bowl 51 is reversed from 3-28 start, the University of Washington today almost engraved in this miracle. A fourth up, Gaskin 2 yards passing score becomes 10-28. Left in the game 6 minutes 42 seconds, 1 yard Gaskin washed away touchdowns further approaching the score. Pointer 42 seconds, then let Gaskin a red ball touchdowns the score into the sub conversion 23-28,2 steals. University of Washington at this time can only choose to gamble play, unfortunately, “Rose Bowl miracle” can not be staged, Ohio State University to cover your gambling kicks to hold the final victory fruit.

As Myers said, the work of this high-intensity coach let him carry a huge psychological pressure, even if it is the last game did not make him peace of mind in case of a big lead. Fortunately, the results are good, Myers can take a good memory to open their retirement life.

University of Texas University of Georgia 28-21

University of Georgia lost to the University of Alabama in the Southeastern Conference finals regret placing him fifth, missed the playoffs this year, it also allows the team some casual performance up and down in the face of this sugar bowl. But rather as the University of Texas, “under dog” obsessed impact on the team in 10 years of the first 10-win season.

The first wave of the attack the whole game, the University of Georgia University of Texas hit a weak footing, quarterback Ai Ling grid 2 yards rushing touchdowns of the game turned red ball touchdowns individual performances. Georgia SWAT team come back to major mistakes in the course of punt, punt hand Camarda to the low height of the kick-off of a long process of bottoming knee, directly to the University of Texas in the side 27 yards line began to attack chance. University of Texas took the opportunity to rewrite the score became 10-0. The first section of the game before coming to an end, Georgia ran the ball mistakes guard Swift appear in one’s own 10 yards out, Ai Ling grid homeopathic kindly consider the gift, 9 yards rushing the ball scored the second rushing touchdown, 17-0 . University of Georgia at this time seems finally woke up, the boxing champion Evander Holyfield’s son Ilya – pulled one back next turns to the impact of Evander Holyfield and He Lien. But the University of Texas at or before the end of the half scored a free-kick, and locked in a 20-7 halftime score.

After the intermission, the University of Georgia and sleep in the past, quarterback sack Fromm face pressure in the first wave of the attack force long pass steals, then never able to organize a decent attack. The time came fourth quarter, Ai Ling grid continuous strong punch 4 1-yard line of the University of Georgia, and finally in 4th gear offensive touchdowns in just right the ball into the end zone within the 2-point conversion tied after the University of Texas who has been holding a 21-point lead, 28-7. Seeing the game suspense disappearing, University of Georgia finally getting back as the No. 5 seed sharp attack. Within a wave took only 1 minute 22 seconds of the shot so that the gap between the two sides to come back 2 possessions of the range, 14-28. Pointer with 1 minute 10 seconds, the University of Texas kicker Dick had a chance of winning a strike, but he missed the free kick 45 yards once again gave Georgia a chance. After 56 seconds, Fromm 5 yards passing touchdowns found Swift, the score becomes 21-28. At this time, the University of Georgia met the same position with the University of Washington – gambling kick. Results also failed.

The final University of Texas in the case before the game not to be optimistic about the extreme to win this year’s sugar bowl, get the team since the 2009 season, the first 10-win season.

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