NBA forward-looking, top-level dispute, Lake Shengnicks, offensive war, pioneer winning gold

Today’s NBA competition is full of dramatics, first of all the baskets and knights, the inner line lacks a strong renovator, the first two semi-finished knights are fully suppressed by Allen and Malcassin, so good at the last moment. The score can be made to make the basket network difficult. The bull and the pedestrian game may be tired of continuous fighting, and the Bull is pressed by the pedestrians, and the competition is finally lost. Jazz and Grizzlies, this thought that the jazz will be very easy. After all, the Grizzlies have just bored the forest wolves, but today, the tenacious Grizzly is in the last moment, with Jackson’s three-point quadrant kill. The game victory. The last king and 76 people have lacked 76 people in the four cores. As a result, the king was turned over 9 points in the case of 9 points, and it seems that Kimte is still not to save the King’s Bole.

Today, it will continue to bring two NBA forward-looking, the first game against the two sides of Knicks and Lakers. Nicks, the first few balls in the season showed their dominance, so that the fans saw a great improvement after the offensive end of Walker and Fu Ni, plus their excellent defense, can It is completely a high strength in the eastern part of the new season, but the game is in the middle, the Nicks is prone, and Walker and Fukie have no sense, and Knicks dual-core Lantel and Baret are crazy to fight iron, only Refers to Rose on the tension, but this is obviously not the way of winning, so the team’s record has gradually declined to the edge of the seasons, and if it is so embarrassing, it is difficult to play. Although Randel can get 20 + 10 + 5 data, only a few games can be scored 20, as an outstanding four-bit excessive floating shot shouting is obviously inevitable, He should also make adjustments appropriately.

Confused their opponent Lakers, the Lakers also had poor records, and the bank warship was established during the offset season. However, the new season has never found their winning rhythm because of injuries and mills. James has just returned two games, and the game was played because the elbow hose was appended from the championship, so he did not have a match between Nicks. Although James, James was punished, the Lakers will seem to be encouraging, and successfully turned over 12 points in the three-year-old, and finally ended the three-game streak. The two games of James can see that Wei Shao and James are trying to change their own players, but the effect is not very ideal. So far, James can get 22.8 points 5 rebounds 6.1 assists. Data can be fell as follows from last season, and Wei Shao can get 19.3 points 8.2 rebound 8.7 assists, and the two data can be, but it is impossible to pinch, it is really difficult.

The two sides of this bureau, single from the strength of the paper, the Lakers are undoubtedly a leader, but the game James is banned, so the front line lacked an offensive database, resulting in two top big forwardings. Compete. Although the lake has a poor record, it can still win 24.6 points 10.1 rebound 4.6 assists, the Lakers win the game, and the eyebrows are very good, and although Landel is a new full star big forward, the strength is also The naked eye is visible, but it is undoubtedly the strength of the eyebrows. The guard line Walker + Rose is less, basically belongs to the five-five open, so it is better to see that this game is more optimistic about the Lake Shengnick.

The two parties of the second game against the Nuggets and the Blazers. In terms of Nuggets, Murray’s injury has made the team a little headache, but the recent treasure and the Taoist injury directly let the rejugation record unlimited. Small ports have begun to decline after signing the big contract, and the average can only get 9.9 points 6 rebounds. The three-pointer intermediate rate is only 20%, so the level is really worthy of the top payment, but now Bottom may be reimbursed due to injury season, the Nugget management layer is really crying in the toilet. Perhaps the team is too tired, so the two games of the two games are also absent from the game because the wrist injury is absent, and the Nuggets do not have any suspense to lose the game. The team’s current depends is 3D player Gordon and Barton, and the two have a certain ability, but they are unstable, so the current Nuggets are very difficult.

Confused their opponent pioneers, the Blazers have experienced the early days of the season, and the recent recovery has been finally recovered. Their record has also successfully rely from the western district to the edge of the season. The team recovers have a large relationship with the core guidance. The main points of the season, the fields are less than 20 points, and the three-point exterior is less than 30%, although McCaleum is strongly supported, but obvious He does not have to guide the influence of the game. Nearly 3 games all won, and the guidance can get 28.3 points 8.3 assists in nearly 3 games, and the three-point outer base is 40%, and his recovery is very important for the Blazers. If the Pioneer San Guard can play an excellent play at the same time, then other teams want to defeat them too difficult.

The two sides of this bureau, the teacher will be punished, if the teacher is playing, then the inner line is undoubtedly the advantage of the Nugget, and Nurkich has completely restricted this once his substitute. However, due to the lack of the core Murray and Wavet of the Nuggets, the external line offensive ability of the Nuggets is limited, this is still very obvious than the three-way guards in the pioneer, both parties are the team of defensive than poor. Therefore, this time encounter is the attack between the two sides, apparently recent recovery pioneers’ external offensive strength is more powerful. And if the teacher does not fight tomorrow, the pioneers are all predominantly, so it is better to see this game and better brigade.