Many people think that last year Christian – Yelic’s outbreaks were only lucky, but they started 4 days in the MLB American Baseball League, and the National Union MVP Jediqi used 4-year-old horn to add another one. I have to linger in the country of MVP.Lianzhuang MVP? Yelici is readyYelic’s hot hand has been continued from last season, last year, in Milwaukee, he pulled back from the battle of the ball. 43 times in the

spring training in this year, Yaleqi has The amazing hit rate of up to 4% 42 also played a 4th homework.

So far, Jeregia’s hit three in the 2019 season is. 500 / .667 / 1.583, the offensive index is a bitter 2.250. Since last year, the 69 regular sessions since the All-Star Tournament, Jerege played 29-year-old horn beats 75 points, 30% of the hits and 80% of the long-winning ratio of 80%.

Just after playing the home base today, Jerege played the home run in every game in the top four games in the season, and chased the major alliance record. The Red Picking team first pitched Michael – Wacca unfortunately became this record of the background.

4 players in the first 4 games in the season, Jerege is a player who reached this achievement in MLB history. In front of Jeregi, the 1971 season’s legendary star Wili-Metz, the history of the epic monsters in the 1998 season, Mark Mague, the 2011 season of Nelson-Cruz, the 2013 season of Chris Davis and 2016 Story of the Sale Different Army Costoturi.

Ability to be with Metz and Maquier, with the same shoulder in the same record, Jerege has reached an incredible achievement, but if you play a home run in the next game, then he beyond two The superstar creates a new record of MLB.

The Milwaukee Sprong team will have a red people in the Cincinnati, and the Red Squad will launch the stretch card pitcher Tanner – Royak first. Tanner-Roaak last year’s self-exclusion rate 4.34, last year, 24 strokes were played. Jeregi smashed the kickball, just in today’s game, he pushed the fireball male Jordan-Hicks’s 102 miles / h in the stretch of the fireball to the opposite direction. A teammates smashed the squad.

Does Jeregia creates history? We have to wait until 6:40 in tomorrow, we can know the answer.