Lost the sun and the warrior, Harden playing strong brigade! Although Adu can take a high score, but the Net is also difficult to win.

The NAN has recently recorded a lot of records, they have achieved 4 wins and 2 negative records in the past six games. At present, they are still in the first place in the eastern part of 14 wins and 6. However, we have seen the golden content of the team’s record. In fact, the basket network has been in the face of the strong team in the face of the strong team, most victory is in the face of the weak team, which in the past 6 games In the competition, the team lost to the Warriors and the Sun, the two western strong teams, in the face of strong teams, the team did not be ideal for the team this season. At present, this basketball team is also known as the outside https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com world. Hard strong team.

The main reason for the basket is not good at fighting this season is Haden’s performance. When the team faces the team of defensive strength, Harden’s performance will often pull, can’t enter the ball in the game, and will also There is a mistake in the scene, there is no fight. For example, in the game lost to the Sun Team, Harden was played 40 minutes, 15 shots 4, three-pointers 6 shots 0 to get 12 points and 13 rebounds 14 assists, although they got three pairs, but he appeared 7 mistakes In terms of shooting efficiency, this is also largely leading the team to eventually defeat.

In the game, Harden’s performance is not ideal in the game of Warriors, Heat, Bulls, Bumblebee and Bucks, and the score is very much 20 points, and most hit rates are below 40%, and his personal mistakes are also a lot of. https://www.nbatrikots4.com For https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com example, in the game lost to the Hornets, Harden 16 shot 6, three-pointers 8 shots only 15 points 7 rebounds 8 assists, and there were 8 mistakes, such performance is disappointed. The final basket team also saved the opponent.

As far as the current performance this season, Harden’s play is disappointing. He didn’t find a play in the past few seasons. When the personal shooting is not high, he will still try to shoot outside, and he is in the game. In terms of controlling mistakes. Since this season, Harden will have 5 mistakes. This data is high in the first place, and although he has 9.4 assists in each game, his assists will reach 1.9, this data is in the League 95 Bit, this is a very rely on data, as the core of the team, his performance cannot be satisfactory.

In the game that has ended this season, Harden rarely https://www.nbatrikots4.com played the bright performance when the strong team was in the face of the strong team. In most cases, his shooting efficiency was not very high, and it could not take over the team at a critical moment. Offense, overall play is disappointing. Although Durant has a high score, he has indeed made this, and he can get 28.6 points this season, and this data is the 1st place. However, in the case where Owen can’t play, Harden expresses the pull in the face of the strong team, even if the Durant field competition gets the high score, the basket network is also difficult to get the championship.

In the case of the author, Harden is the best helper around Durant in Owen, and when he faces the strong team, he does need to show the style of the stars, in the game Bright eye performance, give Durant enough help. And if you continue to https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
play such a low-efficiency and high-income game, Durant is even more than 40+ performances in the field, and the Nets cannot go farten in the playoffs this season.