Like the Yangji in 20 years ago, the spaceman who killed the World Competition in five years also had their own winning magic, that is their wilderness quad. Two base, Jose – Otti, guerrillas Carlos – Correa, 3rd bases, Alex Bregman, and the first base, Qirier, Guriel is about to usher in the top 73 of the joint partner In the playoffs, there is a possibility, the 74th will wait for them two days later.Space people’s field quad coreThe four people belong to four countries, from Venezuela, Puerto Rico, the United States and Cuba, the world contest, they surpass the record of 68 games in the four cores of the year, and jumped into history.”I like these guys very much, we are together, will make each other better”, Coreya said. But he has to become a free player at the https://www.mlbtrikot4.comend of the season, and this uncomfortable inner wild combination may be scattered.Nine years ago, the spaceman used the champion to select him. Three years later he mounted the big alliance, became the core of space people rebuilt, they have entered the United States championship for five consecutive years, three times won, space people Also won the four Times Champions during this period. Although only a seven years of big alliance journey in space people, he may also be the strongest wilder of the Space. “We will enjoy the days with him, and he is not impossible, right,” Guierier said.Statue of Baghgville and BixoOtti is the longest time in four people. He has experienced the team for three consecutive years, and Ou Tui is likely to be like a celebrity player Craig – Babi Like Gweed, the statue of the gardens at the door of the south, Corea may also be with him.In 2015, Bregman joined the team with an eye show, and completed the first show of the big league, Guriel was a month later, and he was deckled from Cuba from Cuba to Houston. September 4-12, 2016, lost to the tournament, they first partched, they missed the year of the year, but after that, they did not miss it.The sixth game in the 2019 Federation Championship and the fifth game of the 2017 World Contest is a few people’s highlights, “I have been playing for so long, everything is modeled”, Coreya said.”I don’t want us to separate”, “, the latest, Braggman who participated in the draft.Corea’s spaceman last battle?If they don’t win the sixth game, then really it may be that their brothers finalize the last time, but no matter what to say, they are already legend.”

We will continue to fight side by side, we will put all the attention on the sixth game, I really love them”, Corea said.