Is it five five open? Three giants 42 points Lakers are trapped in a melon 6 in 0 lead four will be 13 0

On November 29, Beijing time, when the Lakers ushered in two battle with the piston season, even the Lakers three giants were taken from 42 points, but the rest of the players totaled only 9 points, including 0 points in Anthony 6, and he Lead 4 players totaled 13 0 crazy iron towards the legs.

In the season’s first confrontation, the Lakers were expelled in James to complete 17 points reversed winning. Nowadays, the two teams will open the two war days. The Lakers have a 6-minute gap in the Lakers. In the end, the first half is only 3 points in 51-48, and the two teams have been caught in the battle, and the Lake people rendezes any teams are “five-five open”. Side.

The first half of the lakes, the three giants showed excellent, James 8 get 15 + 3 + 3, and the eyebrego 9 gets 1
3 + 5, of which 13 is all from the first quarter. As for Wei Shao 8, 5 get 14 + 4 + 2, three giants to get 42 points, and the rest of the players have only 9 points, which is undoubtedly a fairly poor performance.

As the sixth person of the Lakers, the first half of the first half contributes 6 0 to 0 points. In addition, Bradley 2 is 0 points, 0 points in Monk 1, 0 points in Tuck 4, 2 points by giving a penalty, and the remaining player Xiao Jordan 5 points and Elington 2 points.