How difficult is the three consecutive championships that have not been caught? NBA is doing 1 team in the past 20 years

Today, NBA is “Holding Group League”, no matter who put this wind, anyway, the fact is like this. Anyway, the best players in the Alliance, basically in that few teams, and the other team is basically spend. The group is indeed shortcut, so many people are in imitation, but even if so, there is no team to achieve three consecutive championships. The three consecutive championships have been difficult, and NBA is achieved in the nearly 20 years.

It is said that Jordan has been thinking of Jordan, he can be blocked by three consecutive championships. But after Jordan, NBA is still sluggish. We did once again see what is really ruling.

In the 3 seasons of 2000-2002, the Lakers led by “OK”, that is really unstoppable, although the team still encounters difficulties, finally being resolved, they have won the championship for three consecutive years, this is NBA near 20 years, the only three consecutive championship. These three times win, O’Neill is absolutely core, but Kobe is definitely not a thigh, “OK” combination is unable, “Kobe fights the West, O’Neill Press”, you can see the importance of the two.

After this, NBA did not appear three consecutive championships, even now there is no other group. Original Durant is expected to be realized during the Warriors. As a result, he is in great injuries
with Thompson and Durant, which is equivalent to giving the championship to the Raptors.

It is the three giants in the hot fire, which is Wade, Bosh, James, and they are also a 2nd champion, still do not realize three consecutive championships.

The Lakers in the Kobe era, although the strong helper of Gasol, there is also the potential stocks such as Bynum, and the all-round warrior of Odom, but only the two consecutive crowns, the three-story championship is still Did not be implemented.

It can be seen that the three consecutive crowns are really difficult. In addition to absolute domination, it takes a little luck. According to the current trend of the league, the next three consecutive crowns refers to the day, and the first five people are all the all-star of the year, the three joints may appear again! I don’t know if it is the progress of basketball, or the sorrow of the alliance?