Hamburger Sweet Potato White House Specifies the Gathering Package?Trump invites university football team to eat this

The point of view of Enz is also a point that this invitation is widely questioned. Although the Bison is called the Dynasty team in this alliance, because the alliance belongs to a small alliance, it has not been favored by more fans, not to mention the White House invitation.NS.This behavior of Trump is also regarded as a popularity of the election of his future.The reason why keeps “fast dinner”, perhaps because he likes fast food, and the Klemenson’s player gives him confidence.In January, he invited Clemison University with McDonald’s, Weidi and Hamburg, and I have said: “I think this is the favorite food of them (young players).” And Clemsen University star quarterRew Lawrence also responded very much: “This meal is great, whether it is McDonald’s or all the food is great, if you want me to come a few times.” The problem is that the players of North Dakota State UniversityLike Lawrence?