Big Ben: I have no problem with Brown Digo. I am unclear whether I deliberately avoid teammates.

Ben – Rosrisberg said that his relationship with Antonio-Brown is still very intimate, and it is also believed that Brown has nothing to do with the closing battle and the reasons on the court.

Among the weekly fixed broadcast programs per week of Rosrisberg, he said that when he learned that the main coach Mike Tomlin would not let Brown participated in the last game, it is indeed disappointed. But Rosrisberg does not think Brown involves any accident.

“These things are inexplicable for me. People exaggerated the little things in training on Wednesday, think that I have burstless contradiction between him (Brown).” Rosrisberg said, “But I don’t know this.” Things, when will we play? Why don’t I know? It’s really a rumor that is unknown. “

Rosrisberg said that he talked with Brown on Thursday morning, and the two “everything goes well”. However, the links have encountered hinders.

Rosrisberg said: “I tried to contact him several times. Call, send text messages, other teammates have done it. But we have not received his reply. But I and he talks on Thursday morning, no any problem.”

But he is not clear whether Brown is deliberately avoiding teammates.

Brown did not participate in the training and Monday’s team events on Saturday, and left the stadium in the closing battle of the tiger, and the teammates were disappointed with the Tomlin’s hands.

The Brown has completed 15 battles in the season, and the entire alliance is collar. This is also the six-consecutive seventh season to complete 100 courses, and promote 1000 yards. He and Zhu Zhu-Smith Shust took a strong air attack for steel people.