A front Seattle sailor employee said after returning, the team’s management discriminated against the Posted american player, and said they thought that the Posted american player was stupid and lazy.On the individual social media instagram, Dr. Lorena Martin, Dr. Dr. Lorena Martin, a Sailor Team, said that the sailor team is very serious. Scott Servais,General Manager Jerry Dipoto, Andy McKay, Director, Director, Any McKay, this review: they are lazy, stupid, is very stupid, especially those Dominican players .”Then they are still curious why they did not kill in the playoffs. In fact, their leadership is the biggest problem. The team led by Dipo never entered the playoffs. As long as he is still leading In https://www.trikotskaufenn.com the position, the sailor will not enter the playoffs. Their leaders can be too bad. “Dr. Martin said that she must now stand out, because the team has begun to fire innocent staff. They are just doing their own work, and they are dismissed. The reason is related to their skin color.After the Social Media Statement of Dr. Martin, the sailor team responded. In response, the Seattle Sailor team said that Dr. Martin has been fired on October 10, 2018. Although the team will not comment on personal problems. But the team believes that Martin’s allegations on social media are not true. And until Martin’s Dr. Martin was fired, she did not publish any remarks on these issues. The sailor coach and management staff did not publish these racist speech on the players who played the team. In addition, the team did not dismiss in the lunar https://www.maillotsenligne.com season or threatened any staff.After seeing these responses, Dr. Martin quickly countered on https://www.maillotsenligne.com Twitter. Dr. Martin said that the sailor team violated the contract, and he repeatedly reflected these racial discrimination in the human resources department of the team during his tenure. The saying that Martin, who did not dismiss any staff members made by the team, Listed the name of the two fired staff, and the team did not renew the contract with them.The sailor team was 89 wins in the 2018 season of 89 wins, and they did not enter the playoffs. Since 2001, the sailor has not killed the playoffs for up to 17 years. Among the four major professional sports alliances in North America, the sailor team currently maintains the long history of the “seasonal”.At present, the Seattle Sailor Team and the Washington National Team are also only the two teams that have never murdered into the World Competition. Regardless of whether https://www.mlbtrikot4.com Dr. Martin is true, it can be determined that the sailor team’s embarrassment is really not ideal.