Can Russia do it at home? European preliminaries H group event sharing: Russia VS Slovakia

European preliminaries, Russia face Slovakia.

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Russia was very lucky in the European preliminaries. Only in Croatia’s first-line strong team, Russia did not let this opportunity, in the first 6 rounds of group, they played 4 wins and 1 flat 1 loss record And Croatia is 13 points in group second, and the state of Russia is also a battle, and in the near two rounds, they can easily defeat their opponents with 2-0 scores.

Although Slovakia is also great victory in Cyprus, the strength of the opponent is weak, and the reference value is not large, and the Slovakia is unresinoned when faceting Sweden, Spain and Croatia. Therefore, it is possible to determine that Slovak is very obvious.

Although Russia is not the world’s first line, but the lineup and strength are still stronger than Slovakia, and this service is still at home, Russia’s special climate will make many teams feel uncomfortable, so their home can be called the devil home, Slovak’s differently combined skills is weaker, this kind of service will be more difficult, and then, if Slovak is not perfect, so in synthesis, I think this kind of Russia is expected to take three points.

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