Yangji guerrilla Turovitzki retired in the MLB Hall of Fame

Last weekend, New York Yangji guerrillas Troy Troy Tulowitzki announced that the retiring from the professional general alliance has ended their careers in 14 seasons. However, TULO’s baseball life is still going, he will coach the university baseball team.

For the main players of the 34-year-old Qi Colorado Squad, he used to be the main bone of the team, but reviewed this career of the https://www.fanbutikk.com player who was born in Califia, perhaps his achievements still The celebrity https://www.mlbtrojerse.com hall has a small distance.

As a round of show in 2005, Turovitzki will soon https://www.mlbdrakterno.com gain opportunities in the Rocky team. In 2007, Turovitzki got the second place in https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com the Best New Severe ticket of the country. In that year’s playoff, Turovitzki’s state has been hot and helping the team all the way to kill the World Competition.

In 2015, Turovitzki ended the career part of the Rociki team and was traded to Toronto Blue Bird Team. In the 2019 season, Turovitzki signed a contract with New York Yangji team and ended his career here.

Ten seasons for the Rociki team, Turovitzki gave the following data: 1391 times, 188 homes, 657 scores, with an average hit rate of 29.9%.

After retiring in Turovitzk, it is a topic that can be selected by the baseball https://www.mlbtrikot4.com name. Perhaps Turovitzki will get some votes, but the number of votes is https://www.trikotskaufenn.com still not enough to ensure the seat of Turovitzki in the celebrities.

Turovitzki https://www.fanartikelsportde.com has been selected for all star lineup five times, and has also won two gold gloves. No matter whether it will become a famous player, there is no doubt that Turovitzki’s career is worthy of praise.

Official! MLB2021 All-Star Fair confirmed that Atlanta Warriors were held

https://www.maillotsenligne.com The official decision of the US duty wanders, 2021 All-Star Tournament will be held at the Atlanta Warriors’ home Sunshine Trunk Stadium, Rob Manfre, MANFRED, in today’s Warriors, in front of Washington So announced. The Sunshine Trunk Stadium is a new stadium and is officially enabled in 2017.

Manfred also praised the Sunshine Trunk Course and the surrounding environmentally friendly green energy https://www.mlbboutique2.com facilities in the https://www.mlbdrakterno.com baseball world.

At the time https://www.maillotspascherfr.com of the President announced this major news, his side is surrounded by the most famous retired players in the history of the Warriors, including the celebrity star owner Hank Hank, Hank Aaron, the three base Pu Jones Jones and Pitcher Phil Niekro, Tom Glavine and https://www.mlbtrikot4.com John Smoltz.

The Warriors Total Coach Brian Snitker said that this star will be a great opportunity to “let the world see us”. 2021 will also be the third host of Atlanta. In 1972, he was held by Atlanta hosted MLB All-Star Tournament, it was held in Atlanta-Forton County Stadium.

I was elected for the second time in 2000, https://www.fanartikelsportde.com and that game was held at Tena Stadium, and the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games and the Atlanta Warriors at the Atlanta Warriors in 1997 to 2016.

The Warriors have also made the national alliance team will have six electoral all-star competition in the past 7 https://www.fanstore2.com
years. The only one is hosted by the US Alliance team is the Cleveland India The home is held. Next year, the All-Star Tournament will be held at the home of the Los Angeles Dodge.

Hallte deactivated the key to play the red socks revenge, the MLB Alliance

Beijing ended September 16 morning, a Major League Baseball game, sits Fenway Park, Boston Red Sox by virtue of the fifth wave of the offensive in the second half to score a 5-3 victory over cross-Union rival New York Mets, reported yesterday revenge zero closure, they also came to record 102 wins and 47 lost, continue to lead the major leagues.

He wins vote count Houboseluo of the game has come of 17 games

He wins vote count Houboseluo of the game has come of 17 games

[Data Highlight]

Boston Red Socks

Starting pitcher Rick – Bose Luo pitching https://www.fanartikelsportde.com only five innings to be knocked two hits but also sent out five strikeouts, but lost 3 points, the performance neither good nor bad, to get the season 17 wins; Terminator Jinbuleier got 41 saves in the first season. Combating, Steve – Steve Pearce hit number four hit three hits; Beiningtengdi there are 2 single-game performance security; Martinez hit number five hits and three times is no strikeouts.

New York Most

Starting pitcher Cory – Oswalt pitching 2.2 innings lost 1 point and is not ERA, but also sent three strikeouts. Combating Metropolitan whole game just hit a two hits, including a three-point shot out of Nemo; Jay – Bruce hit number four was struck three times, tied for the largest audience.

[Competition process]

Red Sox Celeron name cast Rick – Bose Luo one up on the three on the next three innings to https://www.b2bshopp.com hold the first half, but there is no metropolis so lucky. Oswalt will first Mucci – Bates hit the base, followed by rookie Dominique had potential – Smith appears to form a fielding error at third base was the situation, although Oswalt struck out the JD- Martinez, but let the next bar Zander – Bo Jiaci a hit, Bates returned home plate to score easily, Beiningtengdi also on to third base, the first game the Red Sox took the lead 1-0.

Metropolitan second innings still no improvement, just relying on Brandon – Nemo endure hit, the first time someone was able to stand on Lei Bao. The second game of the Mets still trembling, to form a third base once the situation was the case with two outs, but fortunately the last JD- Martinez fly ball was then kill Nemo, keep it near misses under this half innings.

Brandon - Nemo hit the ball in the outfield wall to help the team scored two points

Brandon – Nemo hit https://www.mlbdrakterno.com the ball in the outfield wall to help the team scored two points

But the surprise is the fourth Jushang Ban metropolis in the match. Jeff – Mike Neal’s first fight seats a hit and bang on the Pirates second baseman, then Fraser elected to form two walks in the base situation. The first smash hit Brandon suffer seats – Nemo in his second fight President seized the opportunity, sending the little white ball in right field wall beyond the home run, Mets 3-1 go-ahead score.

Holt picking up the task of the infield tool in case of Little Giant Pedro Figueroa absent, often meritorious deeds at a critical time

Holt picking up the task of the infield tool in case of Little Giant Pedro Figueroa absent, often meritorious deeds at a critical time

Red Sox fourth inning is not a hit, the fifth is the first to be caught up 2 outs, but then the game becomes not the same, Steve – Pierce and Ian – Gensler consecutive hits so that they captured a second baseman, Jackie https://www.mlbtrikot4.com – Bradley timely hits Jiangong, two veteran on the base all back to home plate to score, Red Sox 3-3 to tie the score. Galloway then select Metropolitan coach Rafael intentional https://www.fanbutikk.com walk – Devers to face catcher Sandy – Leon, but this time the Red Sox coach carat choose to put Doug Bullock – Holt, Holt also carat did not let down, has been connected to the two men on base base hit all back again, the Red Sox single-innings scored 4 points, 5-3 go-ahead score.

Mets in the seventh inning once captured in the case of a second base and none out, and then rely on the Red Sox ran for two errors at third base, but the ninth bar Osteen – Jackson fly ball to be killed, no let’s continue the offensive metropolis.

Red Sox in the eighth inning and a half also have the opportunity to expand the score, two outs in the case of Bates and https://www.trikotskaufenn.com Beiningtengdi The duo captured a second base again, but Martinez is the third time single-game strikeouts, Red Sox or failed to get points.

Red Sox Terminator Craig – Jinbuleier https://www.maillotsenligne.com ninth inning appearances, accept the season 41st save. The final score is 5-3, the Red Sox beat the New York Mets interleague opponents, reported yesterday revenge zero closure, they also came to record 102 wins and 47 lost, continue to lead the major leagues.

[Two Party First]

Boston Red Socks

First stick right wilder Muqi-Bates

The second rod left outer wilder Andrew – Benin Tidi

Third rod designated to combat JD-Martinez

Shawn shortstop Zander – Bo Jiaci

The fifth stick first baseman Steve – Pearce

Sixth stick two bases Ian – Kingsler

Seventh stick Chinese and foreign wilder master Jieky – Bradley

Eighth sticks, Thara, Rafael Dres

The ninth bar catcher Sandy – Leon

Starting pitcher Rick – Bose Luo

New York Most

First stick guerrillas Amed Rosario

Second Bar Two Leader Jeff – https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com McNeil

The third bar left fielder Michael – Conforto

Shawn designated hitter Jay – Bruce

Fifth stick Todd Fraser

Sixth stick right fielder Bland – Nemo

The seventh stick first baseman Dominic – Smith

Eighth Bar Catcher Kevin Pravi

Ninth Bat Sinowfield Oster – Jackson

Starting pitcher Cory – Oswalt

[Next prospect]

The two sides will continue to unfold tomorrow at Fenway Park last time the two teams contest of the season, although the results have little effect on the situation of the game of the playoffs, but both sides will send ace pitchers duel, or worthy of our attention. Mets ace Jacob – De Roma had a season 26 times in a row starting ERA under 3 minutes or a bit, breaking the dusty 108-year Major League record, this wire against the Red Sox and strength, What he can continue this momentum? Chris https://www.mlbtrojerse.com for a long time recovering from injury – first start on Searle took only 26 balls innings pitched, sent two strikeouts no loss of points, presumably he will be the starting number in the control of the ball about 40-60 balls . The Red Sox now to consider is the playoffs, so Searle need to do now is just to adjust status based.

MLB Seattle Sailor to sell all star guerrillas Seu Land

The sailor team got the Santana 2018 season and the Philadelphon https://www.trikotskaufenn.com signed a team option with the fourth year of 60 million USD contracts. https://www.mlbtrikot4.com The data of the 24-bombing 86 points in the last season is only 2% 29.His contract has a contract of more than 41 million US dollars and 500,000 purchase fees.Crawford was selected by the https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com Philadelphia in the first round of the first round in 2013. As a 23-year-old young guerrilla, he many times in the top ten of the hundred big rookie, but the 72 performances of the big alliance in https://www.fanbutikk.com the past two years is not ideal., The hit rate is 2%, 14, 33, 33, of course, his nice is good, there is still a lot of growth space.

Finally, take the next time the last train! Dodge first fell a pitcher Bille strong return

September 26 (Wen / ESPN Alden Gonzalez Compilation / Love) With the end of the MLB regular season, the playoff gradually puts on the https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com agenda, especially in the case of the increasing sexy after the expansion, the troops will become more Important. Although the Los Angeles Dodge Although the regular season is shining, the first round of the playoffs is also afraid; at this time, the toughness of the first round value is quite important, so in the critical period of the team, the team has met their important first. Pitcher – Walker.

Since a month, Bille is full of right-handed food refers to the pain injury. It has not been able to play, but he completed the warmth before the playoffs in Beijing time on Friday. In the game against the sportsist, he mainly investigated 4 games, showing 65 balls, completed 6 times, only 1 time, peace of mind and 1 time, helping Dodge 5-1 wins. Obviously this warmth of warmth is good.

“My performance is as good as it is.” https://www.fanbutikk.com Bille said in an interview after the game. Not only did he feel good, his opponent also expressed his thumbs up for this 26-year-old. The first battalion of the sportsist is praised by Bisel: “His speed ball is very deterrent, the ball is very good, his bad ball is very high.”

Dodge coach Roberts said before the game, he will pay close attention to the return of Billet, the winner is second, the main purpose is to ensure that Biller will not be frustrated. Biles feel very good, very confident, the finger is also good. “Roberts said,” This is the result of our all people work together, make sure we can do it tonight; if we don’t have such a big confidence to him He won’t behave so good. “

Biller recently sent his front teammates, now played in the double city’s first pitcher Rich-Hill asked for suggestions, the latter has been dealing with blisters in his career, and provides the treatment recommendations to Biller, including how Problem in emotional processing. “He is a very good suggestion, really helped me very much.” Biles said, “Swishes, but we still try our best to solve it, I hope this will not be my problem.”

Dodge has prepared a first round value arrangement for the upcoming outer card, although they are determined that they will fight home at the Dodge Stadium, but because the competition situation of the national affairs card is very focused, Dodge is now not certain. Who is your opponent? Billet and the ace first President Corretton – Koxi is expected to send the board in the https://www.mlbtrikot4.com top two, but the Qodi has not yet determined that the two people are first. It is possible for the third battle to send a handful candidate, and there is no sure, Urias, Dastine – Mei and Gong Solin have a chance.

Before the injury was lacking, the Barben season completed the 32.2 bureau, 36 three-oscillating and 10 guarantees, and the self-blame rate was controlled at 3.86. In the case of finger controlled, his pitching content is still relatively excellent. “He is still trying to retrieve the state, I hope he can restore sharp-hearted hands.” Roberts said, “You are only one step away from the next game, so I hope he can be more agile, and the state will step into the season The competition. “

Socks in the London courts expand a trump card in the international market

This weekend (Beijing time 1 o’clock in the morning of June 30th), the American Rules Coal League (MLB) was first held in the London Olympic Stadium for the first time in the London Olympic Stadium. New York Yangji, Boston Red Socks These two American baseball ICONs have more than one century “world hat”, will also write a historic in the history of the two teams.

In general, in the 2019 collected London, the enemy war, the Boston’s red hose, and the Boston red socks are given to the New York Yangji, the third year of the United States. Leading partitions, the hot New York Yangji took the lead in announced, the first game of the London competition has been determined that it has just completed the 9 bureau in the end of the 9 bureau, the hot field will be large; the second game of the first game has not yet Finally, some people guess may be 38-year-old old will have CC Sabathia. After all, he has laughed, and he can participate in this year’s MLB London, which is a big reason that he has not retired.

And the MLB World Contest defends the championship Boston socks, this season and New York Yangji, the result of the smoother, the result is obviously not what they expect, so I want the whole team to fight in the European battlefield. In particular, these two games have also been remembered as the home of red socks. At present, the first lineup of the reddock team London has not yet been announced, but it is believed that they will definitely show the European fans to show defending championships and play two wonderful games.

Yangji's total coach Bohen said to London.

Yangji’s total coach Bohen said to London.

One day double games allow two teams to prepare 26 people’s participating players, and New York Yangji’s coach Alon Boone is even more choosing several players to go to the UK to deal with long-distance attacks. Time difference affects, health status. Although it is necessary to experience the boat rushes, the two team players have expressed their expectations to the London, and many big-name stars are driving a big welfare of the fans who can go to the scene.

The high-visibility https://www.mlbboutique2.com top team, the topic is rich and the enemy, determines the tone of the MLB London series, but also let the “stockmas” becoming the two-door bricks in the European market. The propaganda of the entire series surrounds the theme of “Old Rivalry, New Ground”. The second London competition in mid-June 2020, also revealed this road: Chicago Winnabo team and St. Louis Pair of Staff were killed in the country of China.

British Yangji Red Socks Fans

British Yangji Red Socks Fans

At the same time, it is different from some commercial events in the Football League, and the MLB London Competition is part of the regular season, and it is possible to ensure the full attention and investment of the team players. The extent of the event.

The fiery of the box office data has also given the positive feedback of MLB London. It is said that the ball tickets in the https://www.mlbtrikot4.com two games are close to the light in dozens of tickets, according to the official ticket website TicketMaster, as of 4 days before the game, the ticket below 100 pounds is already selling light, 100-450 pounds Tickets are only the number of sporadic tickets. MLB official website London series topic page of FAQ, it is also a word “child ticket already selling light” early. I believe in the game day, can carry 60,000 people’s Olympic stadiums will be a prestige.

Behind this from the team, the player to the audience, is the back of MLB in the operational level of the overseas racing, the other side of the related area is unambiguous.

First, we will build from the stadium to communication technology, unified standards, and strive to show the original authentic MLB series.

The London Olympic Stadium was once the 2012 https://www.maillotsenligne.com London Olympic Games. In this baseball, the stadium is far from the city, the stadium uses a three-week time, a baseball field that meets the MLB Stadium – Not only the site size meets the requirements, but also equipped with the eyes of the player (Batter’s Eye), blocking net, hit Cage, player seating area, temporary dressing room, etc.

It is more important to be worthy of communication with technical support, MLB strives to make the team and the referee have the same game experience as the Fenwei Stadium or Yangji Stadium. From 2018, the 30 stadium communication systems of MLB can ensure that the player’s seating and cowshed coach is at any time call, the on-site referee and the New York playback center real-time call negotiation decision, or in timely informed important information in time. To this end, MLB and communication https://www.fanstore2.com
service provider Mitel collaborate, specializing in the London stadium to meet the above standards, ensuring that the event communications, and the penalty is not different from the local competition in the United States.

Lin Du played a cruel in the UK

Lin Du played a cruel in the UK

Second, combined with the propaganda offensive offensive of the target market, triggering attention, drawing the distance.

In addition to this year, Francisco Lindor visited London, experience crickets for the baseball match, MLB recently collaborated with Jimmy Carr, the famous British comedian Jimmy Carr (Jimmy Carr) The London game series propaganda film, the big play of the British and American cultural diversity, aims to tell the British accent, the British who sent the gentleman, we really took the pure American baseball experience to eat fried peanuts, and https://www.mlbtrojerse.com relaxed and enthusiastic American culture, brought to your door.

In addition, MLB also contributed to the origin of “baseball originated from the UK”. An expert studying on the US writer and baseball origin named David Block, found the earliest description of the baseball in a children’s graphic pocket book published in 1744: a boy put the ball When you sway, you will fly the next position (POST) until the end is happy to return to the “home” – this is not the original state of baseball, even earlier than the United States.

History is so beautiful, I originally came to the UK immigrant in the continent, bringing baseball motion to the United States. More than 200 years later, the two teams of MLB will bring this “American National Ball” back to the UK and open up the “New World” of Baseball.

The London Saiyangji invited to Belchuan promotion baseball guidance tall player

The London Saiyangji https://www.fanartikelsportde.com invited to Belchuan promotion baseball guidance tall player

Third, from the doll, create a full range of activities, convey a relaxed and simple baseball.

The love and participation of children have triggered the development of a movement, while MLB also brought this idea to the UK. In the past few days before the start of the London Race, MLB held a large number of baseball popularization activities for young people and communities in London and surrounding areas, encouraging families, children to walk into the court, and feel simple and relaxed baseball. From the “MLB Cup” stick game in London, to the classic “Play Ball” baseball enlightenment project and showcase interaction, and then invites the “Elite European Development Challenge”, MLB, which comes from more than ten national youth baseball players. Declare with https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com rich surrounding activities, “London” is more than two top depends, but also to spread baseball culture, lightning a spark in the child’s heart, helping the British and even European baseball development.

In 2019, 8 overseas races were arranged in the unprecedented MLB history. They were held in Japan, Mexico, and Britain, marking MLB development overseas markets, and expanding the determination of baseball influence. Despite the MLB, MLB is a post-NFL’s London bowl for more than 10 years, and the NBA London has also entered the ninth year – but with its own high-traffic stock socks, it is undoubtedly Opened the European market for MLB.

On the other hand, in the F1 Chinese competition, international events such as China Race, China, and even the NHL Chinese competition have entered China. In these years, we still can’t https://www.mlbdrakterno.com ask prone to say, we are in the next MLB China, how far?

In 2008, the Los Angeles Taoist Team and the San Diego priest were held in the Beijing Olympic baseball competition, held two MLB China. That is a Chinese fan with MLB’s recent contact, and many fans who come to the scene will also be 津 乐.

2008 – 2019, 11 years, what is China’s stick?

We regretfully see the absence of sticks in 2012, the Olympics in the Olympics in 2016, the Chinese stick team is silent; we lame prizes the dismantling, renovation, reform of the baseball stadium represented by Wuke Tongji Stadium. He uses.

And we also be careful and optimistic: MLB and reach a broadcast cooperation, the number of people, the number of visitors increased year by year; MLB Development Center Softball strike theme clubs have gradually emerged, relying on the roofer, sticks and soakariological activities, construction, training and other models to seek ways; whether it is based on quality improvement, the initial intention is the original intention of going abroad, and more parents have begun to let children accept sticks. Training; the baseball game is gradually increasing, and the participation is not just a professional team player, and there are more and more new hands that come into contact with this movement from zero.

Some of the Chinese people today have more channels to touch the stick, and no longer just brings our baseball complex through the blood of Japanese anime.

Of course, these are far less than enough. In football, basketball enthusiasts still need to fight against the scene of the scene, the masses are still very slightly smoking, and the location of the venue is more huge, and the attention is still in a small part of self-entertainment. We still have not reached the ideal “good era”, the Chinese appreciates an original MLB competition at home, there may be a long distance.

There are too many unknown conjectures about the MLB China, which can do, maybe it, maybe it, more chat, play more, then, continue to expect.

Author: Bai Da

The red scitch player interprets never gives up the small alliance to fight for nearly ten years, finally landing MLB

The aesthetic bar MLB is the highest hall of the world baseball. Before boarding the big league, they will fight from the small union level. General players If there is https://www.fanstore2.com
no chance for a long time, it will often choose to retire or come to the Asian professional team test water. But a player adhered to the small alliance in recent ten years and officially landed in the big alliance today.

It is reported that the red scitch is a total of 838 games in the small alliance, and finally got a big league ticket today. He is also a case where the number can be taken in the small alliance in the near 10 years.

St. Louis Palch announced early today, they have taken https://www.mlbtrojerse.com Lamig Laverlla on the big union, as the team’s Nino Nadd is listed in the list of parent-child. In order to give the La Freun, the front of the right shoulder injured pitcher Mike Mels transferred from 10-day injury list to 60 days of injury.

At the age of 27, Laverlow signed in April 2017 with St. Louis Rock, before he played in the https://www.b2bshopp.com farm system of the Auckland sportsman and Chicago. Rafflo, the sixth round show in 2010, finally came in 2019.

The Rafflo this season is concerned with the Red Feminacea with the bright performance of the 3A Level 3A. In the 63 game, he played. 333 / .413 / .543’s hit three, playing 9-haired horn, with 42 points, his hit rate https://www.fanartikelsportde.com ranked eighth in the Pacific Coast League, Anwort Also ranked seventh. In May, Rafflo knocked out in 19 consecutive games, which is also a historical record of the Major 3https://www.maillotspascherfr.com A Level League.

After coming in June, La Flor is to push your own hits into a new height, and the hits this month have reached an amazing 40% 89. Therefore, it is not surprising that the big alliance is pulled.

In addition to the eyesight of the offense, Raffo has a defense, he can go to different locations on the court. However, https://www.mlbtrikot4.comin the small alliance, he mainly used the left field and the first base. This season took a 26 games in the left country, and he played 20 games as a base.

Although born in the war, but the gunfire did not stop the boy continued to play

His name Nkwain Kennedy, from Cameroon, 21 years old. Cameroon filed What is your first impression? It is probably football star Samuel Eto’o, in addition we know nothing about this country.

Cameroon is the perennial one of the world’s most dangerous country, terrorism, kidnapping and armed robbery in the main crime types https://www.maillotbasket6.com in Cameroon, especially in the far northwest. And we have to introduce the 21-year-old boy, it is from the western region of Bamenda.

Bamenda enter words in the search engine, you will find that there is not someone in the attack that someone was abducted. And Kennedy grew up in such an environment with other kids all love different Cameroon football, Kennedy grew up in love with basketball.

Cameroon course, there are collected from here out of the NBA star, the Great En Bide is Cameroon. However En Bide grew up in Cameroon’s capital Yaounde, Kennedy and growth environment is entirely different.

I started to notice Kennedy, was there to see about him a moving map. Carter wearing a Raptors basketball jersey Kennedy head, holding two buckets of water to go on the road, of course, at that time I was more interested in how he put basketball on his head in.

Later, https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com I began to see more videos about Kennedy, he will play himself and sent to the training video on social media, a lot of people were shocked at the Kennedy tough playing environment.

There simply is no place can be called a basketball court, basketball is not a simple Kennedy to build their own basket, do not have good equipment to continue to wear the shoes of the hole, put a plastic bag over the feet can wear, Stephen Chow comparable degree tattered shoes then that pair of shoes.

Stephen Chow just shoes that exists only in movies, but in reality, Kennedy is wearing such shoes every day to play. For Kennedy, of course, it is to play sometimes would be wishful thinking.

In the video he released the years, from time to time will be accompanied by gunfire. Hear gunfire moment, he and his partners will first get on the ground to find shelter, which has almost https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
become their muscle memory.

So we can not imagine playing environment, and this horrible life has become a daily Kennedy. Grim time, outside play has become a luxury, Kennedy can only train at home.

No barbell, Kennedy made a simple barbell with sticks and stones; no sandbags, Ken Dini took two bottles of water tied to the legs with weights; he is training so hard, because basketball is the only of his life.

In the introduction of social media Kennedy’s written this sentence: the distance between dreams and reality is called action. And every child loves basketball, like Kennedy’s dream is to enter the NBA, he is in for this dream and work with every day.

Kennedy also led to some of the people around him, he began to teach children to play, so that these children away from the pain caused by the war. He knew he might never be able to enter the NBA, he was just enjoying the process of doing all dream of.

You can not decide his birth, but what kind of a way of life will be after you decide to spend. Kennedy was born in the war but did not follow the crowd, gunfire can not stop this young basketball in my heart to take root.

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

NBA-official! Lakers have the latest injury report, Lao Zhan is still suspected, only 2 people are absent due to injuries

On November 29, Beijing, China continued to start, and the Lakers will fight the https://www.maillotbasket6.com Pistostat at home. Due to the last two teams, James and Stewart have argued that the two teams of the two teams attracted more attention, but James did not put it too much, the most important thing, still want to help the team to win the game. .

Before the game, the Lakers https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com officially announced the latest injury report, where James was still placed in the list of doubts or trapped in the belly strain. This injury has previously lanes eight games, and now it is a war, just like Davis that thumb sprains. Although it is placed in the list of doubts, James will not absent the game, he wants to stand with the team to help the team win the game.

When I talked about Stelis again, James didn’t have other mentality and said: “The only idea I entered this game is to help the team win, the winning rate will return to 50%. In https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
addition to this except The idea, victory is the most important thing, this is my consistent mentality. “

The last three plus time is not the king, but also let the Lakers are a little discouraged, and the game will be lost. Lakers behind the ball, the record became 10 wins and 11 losses, and the winning rate was less than 50% again.

Although the first battle has an outbreak conflict, this is limited to Sturt individual, and there is no one to participate in the Lakers, and the Piston players are also standing out. As for the second time, maybe https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com James and Stewart have a little expectation, as for anything else at other times. In particular, the Lakers have recently been in good condition, and they need a victory to enhance morale, and weak travel pistons is a good venting object. I believe that the Lakers will put their https://www.nbatrikots4.com attention in the game, rather than staring at these yet.

In the latest hurt list, only 2 people will be absent, that is Aliza and Naen. 2 people have not played the Lakers in the event of the Lakers, which also leads to the team lineup. True to look like. “

The fall of Xiu Rus has been healed, and it can be played today. Waiting for Aliza and Naen return, the lake talent is a real Lakers. At that time, if it still can’t win continuously, then there is no excuse. .

Don’t have your face!George Event on the feet ZK4 generation, your signature shoes don’t worry, PG6 is not expected?

Recently, in the game, Paul George’s feet have a pair of signature shoes. He he himself has a signature shoe. I also on the previous https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
day, I also put the PG5 generation, how to wear someone else’s signature shoes?This is really uncommon in the NBA. The net transmission PG6 will continue to go public, but now, this pair of shoes will not be able to cover up the PG series “fail” conclusions, Nike basketball again “I am defeated myself.

Paul George’s feet in this game is ZK4 generation. It should also be a protro series of the front time, the configuration is very low, the upper side of the upper is added to the large-area Flywire flying line, but the actual effect is not very good, this should be After retaining, “Narcas”, at the time, this kind of upper is very powerful, light and supported, but now the weaving upper is better, dog brother thinks he is still a bit hard.

In the middle, the combination of PHYLON and the postmodel cushion https://www.maillotbasket6.com is used. In the middle, there is TPU, the first year ZK4 generation palm is lunar foam, the tightness of the shoes is better than the replica version, Nike called Protro In fact, it does not exist, this is a copy of the castrated version. Later, Kobe did something, Vanisa and Nike, the ZK series can no longer be produced.

What exactly does Kobe’s signature shoes? NBA’s wear than signature shoes, such as Drozan, Anthony, etc. They have begun to complain, before a pair of shoes, now a pair of shoes to wear a few games, and wear a pair of few pairs, George This pair should be his own collection. He is very worshiped, and many people are discussed by his successor.

Nike also has done some “joint”, such as the PG3 substitute “Mamba Spirit” as the theme, and has made a few coloring, but it is very good, but the shoes are a bit pull, or they can’t cause too much water. George’s present performance is really very fun, single-core tape, no small card, the clipper is not collapsed, George has proved himself in the playoffs last year.

However, with the appearance of George’s ability, his signature shoes are getting more and more, the PG1 generation is the peak. At that time, the pair of shoes was actually a medium rule, and even a bit of cold acid, the front of the shoes, the dynamic magic stickers, the front palm ZOOM talks to no, good in this pair of shoes, it is still possible, now, he is still a pair of performance-effective practical shoes.

The PG2 generation and PG3 generation have inherited a generation of design ideas. The top three generations of philosophy is the same, and the configuration is similar. The dynamic bonding system of the front palm is also reserved. Although the generation is not as good, but at least this double basketball The shoes can also wear, the most important thing is that the master Paul George is also wearing, wait until the PG4 generation, the PG5 generation, George has been wearing them, choosing other shoes.

PG4 generations and PG5 generations, dog brothers have been spit for a long time, the two shoes are indeed a very low price, which is indeed the AIR SOLE air cushion of the full hand, and the PG5 generation also has anti-twisted and support, and even netizens say PG5 generations. Performance is OK, but there is such a thing in basketball shoes, it is really quite a wonderful, it is better to fill in the middle of the EVA, and do a pair of basketball shoes.

The strongest practical payment of the PG series may not be a generation. It is the PG2.5 generation. This pair of blending a generation of upper and second-generation fedectures. He combined with the advantages of two-parallel shoes, George’s last playoffs last. I have been wearing him, it should be very trustworthy. This season, the pickled pepper has a new color PG5 generation, the dog brother has asked everyone, if this is the first color match of PG5 generation, can this pair can be saved?

This color color is really good, light tones, the middle is a gradient treatment, a bit of cotton candy, but the color can save a pair of actual combat shoes? Dog brother felt can’t, and he couldn’t help George, which was a team, this shoe was a team, that is not so big, but he is a signature shoe, a signature shoes that is launched to the league.

What about Nike’s philosophy? From the needs of the player, build the top basketball shoes, now this sentence slogan, let the domestic brands shouted out should be more appropriate? Now Nike basketball shoes, most paying attention to design, performance, innovation, but created, marketing, replica, PG series is the most classic case, the design of the shoes is completely two things, design drawings Some things have, how do you get a finished product?

Because of the cost restriction, Nike put his signature shoes, also divided into three or six, high-end flagship model LBJ series, KD series, the subsequent Kobe series, now, then the Owen series, the last is the letter brother and PG Series, should the signature shoes should be all characteristics? According to the characteristics https://www.nbatrikots4.com of the star, a pair of top-level basketball shoes, see how Li Ning is doing, CJ1 generation is low? Poor performance?

Other team shoes can be divided, but the brand decided to give the star, don’t be configured again. If you don’t just look, you can’t do it, you will do a good job in the team, and Nike’s team will not work. Before, HyperDunk, now there is a zoom GT CUT, and a pair of actual combat basketball shoes are also stirred up high, before the netizens of domestic marketing, I hope you will come to Nike.

Paul George’s own signature shoes are not worn. Although the rumors say that the PG6 generation will still be sold, but the dog brother thinks this is also a signal, which may really end, from the PG6 generation picture of the net, this pair The shoes still maintain the style of the PG4 https://www.nbatrikots4.com generation and 5 generations. The shoes are high, and the big probability is also being hurt. Maybe still have to fracture, George estimate is not too much to wear this pair of shoes.

Owen 8th generation, LBJ19 generations, the LBJ19 generations, the LBJ19 generations, and the PG6 generation, maybe really want to give this absurd series, I hope George can choose a brand that is more interested in himself, he It is worth having a good signature shoes, well, this content is here, do you think the PG series will be ended? Why does George choose ZK4 generation? Do you think the domestic brand is likely to cooperate with him? Welcome everyone to leave a message and dog brother.