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Italy VS Switzerland

Italy’s current situation:Italy has been carried out in 6 rounds, and there are 2 rounds. At present, 14 points in Italy, 14 points in Switzerland, 8 points in Bulgaria, 5 points in Northern Ireland and Lithuania 3 points, Northern Ireland and Lithuania have been eliminated, Bulgaria also Basically eliminated, the situation of this group will be the first return of Italy and Switzerland. According to the rules, the first can be directly out of the group, the group can only kick the addition, Italy is in the last preliminaries. On the addition, this time I believe that they don’t want to repeat the same mistakes, and they are expected to win the first Swiss lock group.

The team main Barera, Bellardi, Pelegri recently have a record record, the performance is good, the offensive end is excellent, and the team has been able to get a record record, the team The ball is actively enterprising, and the number of balls in the nearly three events in the team exceeds 2 goals, and the main scene is relatively firm. In the past, 10 homes were only defeated, but they won the 6 games. Overall performance.

In the world rankings, Italy ranks 4th, Switzerland, the world, the world, the world’s strong team, from the player’s strength, Italy is stronger than Switzerland, in the European Cup this summer, Italy shows excellent performance, group match 3 All the fields are all, kicking into 7 goals, one goal is not lost, the uptack is significantly increased, the knockout is continuous, after promoting the final final, and England kicks 1-1 in regular time, and finally launched the European Cup champion, The overall strength is quite good.

Switzerland’s current situation:Switzerland is not good, although the whole is not as good as Italy, but they are in this year’s European Cup or good performance, Switzerland 1 wins 1 won in the European Cup Group 1 win, in the best group, third out, knockout They played with the World Cup Champion French team. In the case of 1-3 behind, they played into 3-3, and finally, I won the French, and the 8th game was also kicked to the final game with another World Cup. Spain. Although the final Chelsea Jersey point is lost, the strength is still quite good, the team mainly enabo, Sterff, Gaverolavic wrapped in 4 grains, the foot is quite, the team passed 8 The field events remained continuous score and won four games. The status is quite stable. The European pre-selected in Switzerland can be zero opponents. At present, the defensive end is more good, and the strong team is not weak.

This field: Although Switzerland lost to Italy in the European Cup Group this summer, after entering the Manchester United Jersey world, the two teams handed over Switzerland 0-0 kicking flat italy, and did not let the Italian goal, In the first 6 rounds of groups, the two teams were 4 wins and 2 flat, 12 Italian scored 12, 10 Switzerland, the ball is the same, both parties are basically almost the same, the two teams pay attention to the defensive team .

The two teams have played again, I believe that there is no change in style. Dialogue is directly dialogue in this round of two teams. This game is the first place in the group. It Liverpool Jersey is related to the opportunity to go directly. The two teams will certainly not rush to the attack, maybe First make a good defense, patiently look for opportunities, then take the other party, this game goal is not a lot, initially giving it to Italy’s good support, there is a loss of weakening in the later period, the difficulty is not very difficult, it is too easy to avoid The individual is more optimistic about at least one point in Switzerland.#Italy#

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