Why did Chen Yu Ting are in the air? Let the military strike in the interview, lead the female football into the 2023 World Cup

Sports projects in China this year have always been very intense in games and training, and new cycles have begun, all athletes are also preparing for events or have entered the stadium.

Today, Xiaobang took everyone to talk about the recent Chinese men’s football. Over the end, the men’s football national team also became more fierce, next to the national team and Oman men. The football team is about to kick.

Li Tie as the main coach has always wanted to apply for the home of the game to us, but the desire of dreams has not passed. Therefore, all the men’s team players in the national team must go to Siagia to carry out football competitions again. This situation also makes our Chinese men’s football team have a fear, and fans also feel that they hope that they hope that they have to play good results. NS!

After all, I reviewed the previous game, in the first four football games, our national team’s football only got three points of grades! This makes our football national team’s future in the future, and many fans are very angry and questioned, and there are many fans who cry, let Li Tie quickly go home!

Cheap Soccer JerseyLater, everyone also knew that Li Tie was now in the Chinese men’s football team, and the annual salary plus various subsidies and bonuses.1000WThis makes everyone accept it anymore, let him leave, the voice of the main coach has been more and more strong, because now Li Tie breaks the jar of broken attitude, plus special stubborn coaching style, which makes many fans I feel that he once again serves a Chinese men’s football team, and the purpose is not just simple.

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Not only because of your favorite football, but also because of the high-quality coach! Although the vast number of fans and fans don’t like Li Tie, and they will attack him together.

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However, the attitude towards the Chinese Football Association, but Li Tie is quite stable in the national team’s coach. In fact, the Football Association also understands that the Chinese men’s football is facing, but Li Tie has left this position, then the football association must Looking for a higher annual salary of foreign coaches to coach, because from the domestic current situation, it is difficult to accept this stall! !

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We have just analyzed this situation in front, and there is a place to give Li Tie. They all know that he has also known as heroes and gods in his career.

Lionel messi JerseyBecause Fan Zhiyi is the first athlete who got the Asian football, and at that time, he was also the most successful athlete of the Chinese man football team. After all, Chelsei, who had not been famous, was to follow Fan Zhiyi. The latterior work, and in order to earn a tip, I also give him shoes, from this to see how high it is glory!

Since Fan Zhiyi left the man’s football career and retired, he turned to the Shanghai Men’s Football Youth Team to carry out the main coach, in this team, Fan Zhiyi has been led by a very good coach, let Shanghai The young athletes of men’s football are very good at the field, and he has also become a great successor of Xu Genbao’s football school!

This time, Li Tie, who is called Fan Zhiyi and the current men’s football team form a very distinct contrast. He said in a reporter’s interview. If Li Tie is not good, I will come!

Now he leads the results of our football national team, the football association should let more people like our people try it, from all aspects, I have no reason why the main coach is not? Then I lead the men’s football national team as long as I don’t have the results in the field, then I don’t want it!

After Fan Zhiyi received an interview, Li Tie was in the situation. After all, he released the big words. No a few people dared to say, no one, but undertake this responsibility, but can not tell the salary, Like Li Tie’s green yellow on the ground, green to the end, he will get a lot of hands!

Now, Fan Zhiyi said, also let the fans of the national teams have triggered a snoring and controversial, the fans also force Fan Zhiyi, and the reason why he can say this, and his temper personality is also related, because he will not be because It is a relationship household, in the team to delay the time, affect the results of the game! I will not talk to the player while I am squeezing people!

Just like Li Tie, this will wait for the relationship between the relationship between the relationship, it is really not afraid of the straightness like Fan Zhiyi, shouting out their names in an interview?

Nowadays, the men’s football national team also has a very good athlete, and there is a good ability to make a good results in the field, but only the coach affects a team. So now Fan Zhiyi has occurred like this, we have to see how the next football association will pick up and adjust!

Dear fans, do you think Fan Zhiyi is suitable for a new coach for men’s football? Welcome to the discussion of the region ………

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