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  Original title: After Li Tie Competition, Duan Tianfei: The whole network “change Li Tie” dreams back to Jinzhou, Wikipedia is changed to “Mr. Oman Football”

  In the sixth round of the 1999th, the Chinese team was home to Qatar at home. In the case of 1: 0 in Golden State, because Li Tie has changed the passing of the midfielder, the whole fan shouted “change Li Tie”. After more than 20 years, Li Tie also sat on the coach. However, after the national football 1: 1 draws Oman’s game, the voice of “Changing Li Tie” came again to cover the sky, and people Chelsea Jersey can’t help but dream back to Jinzhou.

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  Because of a lifelong change, the current national football coach Li Tie rate team ended on November Mbappé Jersey12th, in the game of Arman, in the case of 1: 0, 1: 1. This score means that the national football team enters the 2022 World Cup final stage hopes, fans are dissatisfied with Li Tie to reach a new height. The upstream journalist saw that an angry fan made a substantial change in Li Tie’s Wiki Encyclopedia: Oman’s football player, who won Aman’s football, current Oman’s coach … Although it is spoof, but the fans are angry in the heart of the fans A spot. At the same time, there are also many Duan Si Li Tie’s paragraph birth. The fans also shouted “change Li Tie”, I hope he take the initiative to take the initiative to vent the depression.

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  Since Wikipedia’s settings can be edited, tampering with the vast way to the Chinese fans has become one of the ventilation pathways of Chinese fans. A screenshot of a Wiki Encyclopedia Li Tiellist is constantly forwarded in the fans. I saw that Li Tie’s introduction was changed to “Oman’s football player, who won the Mr. Oman Football, is the main coach of Oman National Team.” Li Tie’s birth location was also changed to “Amanda Batana Muscat”. There is a fan after seeing the screenshot, “Oman is a mysterious change person, and it is true! Keep Oman’s hopes of the World Cup!” Li Tie, but also known as Li Jin, No.

  After all, in this game of Oman, Li Tie’s changeman was summed up by the fans. Oman caused threats! The possibility of replacing the Liverpool JerseyAlanva and finally get the goal again! One word! Absolute! “

  There is also a fan to Li Tie’s commentary to: “Li Tie used half-time to prove that his previous tactics and employers may be wrong, and then be a little unwilling, the second half is inspected, it is really wrong!” There are still many fans. In Luo Guofu, “Luo Guofu is rich in Yue Fei, the prosperity of the front kill, the guarantee of the country, but was recalled by the thief twelve gold medals!” “Oman is not right, and choose to replace the strongest No. 10. Li Tie saw 1: 0, and choosing the strongest Rochemical replacement. “

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