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But why modern China’s football will kick this stinky, this is because the royal family is more inclined to hunting, so the 蹴 蹴 will begin, in the modern times, the country pays more attention to industrial and Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey technology, not for sports is not Very emphasis, especially for football, basketball and other playing exercises are not enough, this leads to our national football, there is no foundation at the beginning, so the national football has never played well, almost a lost game.

However, China has already recognized this problem, and began to pay attention to the development of young football. Although some achievements, the reality is still having Liverpool Jersey a lot of young people and parents will not choose to let children choose football, they prefer to learn cultural classes, walk This road is not the main business, even if it is playing football, more is to play the role of exercise. But the development of young football is very important. It takes a good coach to cultivate them, guide them to make more formal, more systematic training, and have the opportunity to fight for the national team, this is helpful for Chinese football, but Nowadays, people who are now giving their children to play football are also relatively small, because football is a confrontational movement, it is easy to be injured in the training process, falling, sprained is home to the house, like fracture, there is Mbappé Jersey no happening, so the home is generally Willing to let the children are suffering from this bitter.