Dalian football female reporter Zhao Ziping passed the mourning, the ear of the ear offered! Just 54 years old

Dalian football first female reporter Zhao Ziping went to the monk, the forefoot + Shaanxi football mensterees! Just 54 years old

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Beijing time November 1, 2021 (Monday) afternoon, 54-year-old Chinese football in the famous Chinese football, Shaanxi Changan Competitive Football Club, front coach Shangqing and the world.

My friend circle, the trainer of the football community and the players are painful, and they have sent pictures in the circle of friends. The bad news came, I didn’t expect it to be still a constant.

The photo above, and the photos taken together with our family and the photos of these people, completely sentenced to two. I didn’t expect for so many years, and the winds of the northwest softened the sturdy iron bones, and the handsome teenage of the handsome boy I met was turned into the northwest wolf. What makes it makes a big change, so I didn’t recognize it. I am shocked, I can’t believe it, this is the beginning of the year in front of me, Handsome youth is still happy? Is there two still? How I hope, this still blue is another person I have never known.

In 1995, I took my daughter to participate in the birthday party of Dawang Tao, in the end, I interviewed the eight-year team, Jia Xiuquan, Wang Zhenjie and others, wrote the character interview. Shangqing gives me the impression is particularly enthusiastic. I have been taking care of me. I have a gentleman’s style … I especially like the photo below, I also wrote the photo of the photo: Dalian football coach, the players spread all the country like a seed. And it is handsome.

In 1995, I (Zhao Ting Ping) and left Qing Wang Zhenjie, Jia Xiuquan, Shangqing, Wang Tao took a photo. This photo has always been placed at home!

In the past few days, I really don’t dare to believe this genex fact, and I have been immersed in grief. I have sent WeChat to many friends of many football, I have been confirmed: Shangqing’s late period, after treatment, after treatment, fail to defeat the disease … Yesterday, Jiangjin representatives of the eight-year team 1316 teammate In the past, the funeral parlor in the eastern suburbs of Beijing is still a final end.

Recalling the past, the father of Shangqing Shang Jiaqi is born in Dalian in 1940, I have been doing Shangqing as a Dalian person. Shangqing and his father’s father and son, run through the love of the family father and son and the national strength, because of his loyalty and persistence, becoming a good story of people.

Shang Qing (1967 – November 1, 2021), has been selected for the national team, the National Youth team, and the national team. In the career, Shangqing’s effectiveness of eight years in Bayi team, leaving a lot of precious memories. In 1996, Shangqing chose to leave the Bayi team and transferred to Shaanxi Guili. With his help, the team finally succeeded in to army.

Shangqing has effectively achieved the Shaanxi National Force team and served as the captain to help Shaanxi Guili team to upgrade A A A A A A-league; he also served as the main coach and assistant coach in Shaanxi. In 2018, Mr. Shang Qing and Mr. Zhao Changhong were coached the water team of Shaanxi Daqin, with his help, Shaanxi Daqin Water Team has achieved many classic victories. As a player, he can fly, helping the team to win; as a coach, he can play a proceed, lead the team to advance; and in the green field, he is also a noble person, a football full of arrogant HK.

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Shaanxi Changan Competition official issued: Shangqing’s contribution to Shaanxi football is so excellent, because his bones engraved with the netwolf of the northwest wolf.

These two days, I have been regretted, I went to Xi’an in 2019, I didn’t go to the team to visit them. Who can think of it, Cristiano Ronaldo Jerseysome people suddenly leave, let people can’t prevent it …

Shangqing, all the way!

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