Chinese football is too crazy! China A is more than 100 million! Medium super month salary 10,000

Chinese football, there is a paid

In the past, Zhao Hejing, Beijing Guo’an, and also added it to the “Observation of the Truck”.

Yesterday evening, Zhao Hejing then updated his Weibo again after the birthday of half a year, but the beginning is a sentence: “The payment of the two-year time, the club once a promise, and once again lost a letter.”

Almost before and after, several Guizhou players such as Wang Chiang Liang, Wang Shou Tang, Lin Jiahao have released the same text and maps on their Weibo.

Obviously, this is a collective action between some players.

According to the “Request for Coordination of Wages”, the total length of the Guizhou team has taken more than 14 months. As for the bonus and performance salary, the arrears have lasted three seasons, from the 2019 season There have been problems, and the arrears are close to 100 million yuan.

At the beginning of this year, the players were negotiated with the club. After receiving the commitment of the wage in the club, the players completed the signature on the salary confirmation table, and the clubs were also completed.

This is also a case in the past two years: If you don’t sign, the club cannot complete access, and you will be separated from the jurisdiction of the Football Association and League, and the difficulty of launching will further increase; after signature, at least in the future, I have a door, but also provide a little feasibility for the transfer of the club.

According to the original schedule, the 4th stage of the China League will start in mid-November, so today is also the time to enter each other.

However, the current status of the Guizhou team is “even the basic training venue cannot be guaranteed, the player can only hold the physical condition in the gym, cement,”, “unmanned team status”, the player can not contact Manchester United Jersey the team’s responsibility people.

Perhaps it is because of this, players publish a launter situation in their social media, and decide not to enter the Division in accordance with the news of the media reporter.

However, it is very sad that this is not a key to the relevant media.

The reason is that it is also very simple: the payment is nothing to do. For most Chinese professional clubs, only the difference of arrears and unruly differences have been exploded.

According to the relevant reporter’s news, even in the top superchard, the team does not exceed the five families, pay attention to the “do not owe the salary” here, does not mean that the salary, performance and bonuse can be Press time.

The highest Kits Football Kits exposure is the case, then in relatively lack of people, China B league, even if it is small, the situation is basically no relatively good possibilities.

Just before the Guizhou team broke out, Tianjin Jinmei Tiger has also appeared in the Super Club.

It can also guarantee wages, the bonuses are issued on time, and the salary in September is not issued, and each person only received 10,000 yuan.

Will this? Will not continue? When can I make the salary? These problems are currently unknown, and the players can only prepare the next game with the mood.

Throughout the current Chinese football, the club that does not pay for it is already a good club, which can be reflected in grades. This season’s Football Association, Shandong Mbappé Jersey Taishan, Henan Lushan Longmen, Shanghai Harbor and Shanghai Shenhua, is a team that is currently operative and optimistic, and in the China Character list, the top three are expected to enter the next season. Super League Meizhou Hakka, Wuhan Third Town and Zhejiang Team, even when Chinese football is crazy, they have relatively rational, and they have not brought too much burden now.

At this point, it is precisely that Weibo certification is still the “Guizhou Hengfeng Football Club Chairman”, “said that he was reflected in the interview last year.

When I talked about the difference between the Super League and China League, Wen Yuting said that the team’s investment in Zhongchao is blind, which has the objective reasons for the market thermalness, and there is also a subjective reason why it is insufficient. “We really eat. A lot of losses.

In her opinion, the downgrade has become a good thing. After all, this makes the parent company aware that heavy gold investment is unsustainable, but under various hits, this has changed, I am afraid it is not enough.

In accordance with the current situation, there are still many teams that have not been exploded, everyone is almost hard.

When China’s football gold medal bubble is the most exaggerated, the correlation method of attraction adjustment fee has not played, which has become a bad debt of the Chinese Football Association unable to handle, and it is not that it is not.

However, from the perspective of curbing the golden football, the biggest problem that is useless to adjust the adjustment fee is to waste the most valuable time window. When the policy of expenditure, the parent company behind the club is actually unable to carry out high investment, so it has become a “collapse of the market”.

Therefore, in the process of cracked in China’s football, Chinese football managers also have their own responsibilities.

Previously, I have been doing wrong, I can’t be wrong in the future.

According to the encounter of Guizhou players, the so-called salary prize confirmation table can be completely restored. This piece of paper does not have the effect of supervising the club.

The joint industrial and commercial departments conducted a transparent inspection of the club fiscal, and the legal support for the players on the players were what the Chinese Football Association, and even higher-level managers should do.

Only this, the tubling of the Chinese football is likely to be completely cured.

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