Brazil’s villain player Jobson, the four girls also sent photos to show off, finally self-sufficiency

Although the British has created football, the ball has Lionel messi Jersey carried forward in the Brazilian feet. The Samba Legion continued to emerge in the world-class star, which was directly dominated by the world. But people have no more people, from the slums coming out of the slum, there is no good education, flying Huang Tengda, performed a stealing incident. From the ball Wang Beli, the wolf Romario, and then the rack of the flagner in Today is almost all of them. Ferrone is to avoid the exhaustion of the family, do the birth surgery, Xiao Luo Shen Yan, leading to the decline, no one cares. When the Samba army can get rid of the beautiful gods, it is estimated that only God knows.

In Brazil, Jobson did not have a good name. He was born in the slum, and he contacted football early Chelsea Jersey and could be talent. After playing for a few years, the name did not kick, but it became a qualified player. There is no more than 10 million worth, can be in Bayia, there are millions of his worth. There are luxury homes, there are luxury cars, this young man naturally tail. Everyday luxury homes, go to the bar to carnival at night, he lives at the emperor’s life. A person like him is drunk, Brazil has hundreds of thousands. But this guy likes to stimulate and walk in the illegal edge.

The so-called man walks by the river, which is unpaid. In 2009, Jobson conducted a drug test. As a result, this is positive. In this regard, he shouted, saying that he was innocent. Please don’t make you clear, only herself Football Shirts Wholesale clear. Subsequently, the Bopafo Club official announced the contract. Other clubs are afraid to reflect on the fire, and they have been respected. In an instant, Jobson is like crossing the mouse, everyone is disappearing. After three years of five years, Jobson can turn over. But he did not stand on the green venue again, but always beloved at home.

The ancient language has a cloud, and the wine is full of lust. Jobson, who is free of the whole day, does not care about the disaster of prison. He went to some girls to participate in the banquet, under the mobilization of alcohol, this guy encouraged them. Under the influence of alcohol and drug, a girl became groggy. Jobson saw, bringing four girls in her home. Soccer Jersey Discount In that luxury home, he is like a beast, for what you want. Afterwards, Jobson also sent a photo to show off.

It is only very unfortunate that Jobson has not begun to tell this glorious deed, and the police will find the door to the door is an alleged rape. It turned out that several girls with him in the spring are not adults, one is 13 years old, one 14 years old, two 13 years old. Regardless of the country, adultery of prostitutes will be assured. After this is exposed, the Liverpool Jersey fifth girl stands up again and accuses Jobson’s animal line. Nowadays, the player can repent to God, please spend money, please ask some big lawyers. Otherwise, I will enhance the prison, I will definitely be hurt by the prison.

In the history of the football, there is more than Jobson, who is like the Sunderland of the Premier League, Johnson, is arrested by the police because of the incident of the trouserdes, and thus jail. French star Ben Zema and Ribel have also been involved in the broth. This is a lot of time for nearly 7 months, and the two star life is stirred up. Later, the two escaped. Just than the above three, Jobson is more distant.