New formation, 5 wonderful goals, Lawan Tunnery, Bayern is over

A awakening, another 5 to 2! After 4 consecutive victories, Bayern took 2 rounds in advance to the Champions League 1/8 finals, and wandered from the Champions League team for 14 consecutive seasons. For the live audience, especially the Bayern fans, this is a realistic and almost no diaper, 90 minutes – novel formation, 5 beautiful wonderful goals, Lawanoski 100 wear hats, There is also “Door Guard” Nobil’s super long transfer attack. I finally ended the isolated coach Naglsman also said: “Today is very fun. We can’t play well.”

The fans of Bayern and the Andian Arena celebrated another victory and the Champions League team.

What is “3151”?

I didn’t have to continue to continue at home remote control, he was used in Pamino, Niazu, Pavar, Gorezka and Gardry, and rotated 4 days ago 5 Before defeating the Berlin League, the first battle of Berlin, Lucas Ernande, Stanni, Tolis and Thomas Muller. After the opening, people were still surprised to find that Na Shuai also “live”. Bayern did not use the regular 4231. Davis’s position is very boring. In the offensive state, the left side is on the front, but it will return to the left defender after returning to the half, and the other side of the defense line is taken by Pavar. At the same time, the location of the Gorezka is more reliable, and the three major widespread appearances from Gazbri.

“Player” will describe the formation of 3151 (below), that is, only Kimi is one person dragged, Davis and Kenmang one side, Saina, Gorezka and Gardry are in Lai Wando behind. However, in a state of half defensive, the formation changes back to the regular 4231. How do I understand the formation of the left and right asymmetrical and switched between the four-way guards and three guards? In fact, with Stuttgart’s Sanzhong Health System, it is three defenders. When the attack is three defenders, the left-wing guard (Stutgart is Borna Sosa playing this role) will refund to the four-person defense line, and the right wing guard is actually the right edge, The right way to defensive will be responsible by the right center.

Faced with a team like Benfica to focus on stabilizing counterattacks, this formation is that the offensive end has a more adequate person, making the opponent more difficult to prevent. Once there will be more people in the front field, there will be more people to participate in the ground, and the crisis will be resolved in the middle courtes and avoid direct impact. It can be said that this is the preliminary results obtained by Naglsman’s coal education, through the preliminary results obtained after receiving a few limited three Zhongwei practices.

In fact, when I first hit three Zhongwei, the 2nd round of the league was a similar arrangement for Cologne. At that time, Davis kicked left-handed guards, and the right wing Wei was held by Surne, but the effect was quite bad. I kicked the half, and the bayern who attacked the mess and chaos was forced to change back to 4231. When I arrived at the Great Parade, the Shuai was trying to trial Sanzhong Wei, and the right wing guard was told by Pavar. Results The next half of Pavar was in the beginning of the back of the roughness of Julian Green, and the test was passed down, and the test was once in halfway.

In the new quarter, it is still to help the left back Davis in the defense.

The situation is, it is very clear, the left road does not have to worry, Davis, who is born, no matter how left the left defender, left-wing Gui or the left front, there is more than a blade, attacked and defensive, and you can catch back. The problem is that there is no “mirror Afense” in the right road. If you use the winger like Kardi, you can’t fight, and use Pavar or Stanniqi to kick, attack It is not to force. How can I solve the right-wing-yan candidate problem with the current human hand? Naglsman has been exploring.

In the late October, Bayern has already had 3151 prototypes. However, due to a large rotation, including Omar Richards, Zarbi and Misia La have replaced Davis, Gorezka and Sa, they (especially Richards and Tie Biugui) The role played in aaj m this new system is not very prominent, and we are not very determined that the operation concept of the Sanzhong System at the time. But this game with Davis, Gorezka and Sahe, and changed the most stronger of unparalleled capacity, the new formality finally demonstrated more fully.

Surneous attack and defensive, Andalian cheers

In fact, Komang does not need to be re-adapt, and the role he played with 4231-type right front does not have a significant difference, just closer to the side activity, because the midway is allowed to leave Gardri, Saina, Gorezka and Kishi is going to use. In the first half, Komang is Bayern to play the best player, and he uses his own speed and technology advantage to press the Grimardo and Evech of Evot on the same side. Bayern has threatened shoots in the first half of the year, is from Komang.clonil 25 mg in hindi In the 26th minute, it was the ball and the right road was inserted into the penalty area.

Surneous is wonderfully left to the left foot, and the score is rewritten to 3 to 1.

Another beneficiary of the new formation is Saina. In fact, when he is a passenger Philippine card, Surn has already tasted sweets in the middle road. That game, Jiao Shuai moved Muller to the right, and Kumang kicked the left front, and Sauna appeared at the 10th. Plus the ratio will be largely pressed, and the main activity area of ??Sahe is turned from the left ribs from the left. The result is “No. 10 Saina” 2 shot 1 pass, and the team is 4 to 0. In this case, when you face this Feixia, the position of the left is not difficult to understand again. In the offensive state, the Sahang will give the left road to Davis; when he goes back, he also likes latest news about to assist the left defense as the left side of the 4231 formation.

The most exciting performance in Saha is not the feet of the second half, and the cross-passing of La Wan, but the 52nd minute, the passage of the 52nd minute. Lower map). At that time, Komang returned to the back of the back to the bottom line to help Davis steal Mete, and then passed forward to the Saina that came back. After Saina, I was robbed, and he was forced to bring the ball back to the corner of the Zhuangzhi, and then suddenly turned, all of the three opponents were all fixed in the penalty area, and they immediately quickly took the ball to fight against the ball . In just 10 seconds, he will pick up the left ribs of Kimiki, and the offside is inserted into the left foot of the opposite of the ban on the attack. Unfortunately, it will be biased. This scene, let Naglsman patted the palm on the field, “he shakes three players in the second half. He has a lot of balls to be drunk.”

Naglsman pointed out that compared to the kicking road, the benefits of Saunnean kicking roads were higher, and the running distance of the high-altitude compression will be shorter. In the view of Na Shuai, Saina “kicked one of the most active games today.” Saha in the defenders, there is no effort, and the Shuai pointed out that he had a rebound after the first half, helping Davis anti-opponent positioning the ball, “the audience cheered for him. When the people outside, the people scream and cheers for you. This is good for everyone. ”

Saunnean kicked for 72 minutes, I made my body, Naglsman’s smile stated everything.

On the spot, the 1 ball 1 assists, the Sauna season has contributed 4 balls 4 assists in 4 Champions League competitions, and every game is directly involved in the goal. In the league, there are 3 balls of 3 assists in Saunnean. In the late August and Cologne competition, he was also reported to ruthlessly by the Anlian Arena. Today, after more than two months, he has become one of the most popular players in the stadium. Such a dramatic change, even if there is a successful Na Shuai in Saassai, “After the things happened to Cologne, he is strongly unbelievable.”

La 10nd “Beyond” Mero

However, Sa is also a bit “unlucky”. The 5-0 victory of this Findca, the 2-ball 1 assists, he did not comment on the best, the European Po. At this game, Satsha is certainly impossible to win, because 3 balls 1 assists Lai Wen is obviously the star in the star.

Although the first point of the European career (previously 14 penalties in the end of the half) was over the end of the half, the 100th Champions League appeared. 20 minutes, I almost couldn’t touch the ball. For the striker, it is not easy to keep patient. After the first goal, things are relatively easy. Today my favorite goal is the second. ”

The ball that picked Vlahogodmos is the favorite ball of La Wan.

That is a classic striker, La Wan first brought the ball back to Kiimi after the back of the back, Kijimi welcomes the ball directly to the fast-in-in-play. In the process of breaking through the frontier of the Zain to the frontier of the penalty area, Lawan is full of noble sprint. In the end, the Saha has accelerated the championship, straight to the front of the banding zone Flahodo. Springs the right foot foot to pick up the net.

In fact, La Wan’s third ball is equally exciting, it is a precise guidance from Nobel. Nobel went to the back of the position of the batch of 30 meters away from his own goal, and the right foot was transferred to the right rib in the front field. Frahodimos fell over the pad, locked the winner of 5 to 2. In Lai Wan, the reason why Nobel will “send me”, because Ben Fika is “still hand” in the game, “The 2 goals we lost let me annoyed, that inspiring our fighting spirit, this for Neuer is especially important. ”

Nobel is the first door to assists in the Champions League in the Champions League.

Nobel This assistment triggered a network carnival, many fans played: Nobi Hall’s assists more than the 7th time to win the Golden Golden Mission! This is already the second assisted La Wan, and the last time, the last time, the 2020 German Cup finals, the cooperation method, but the ball has to thank Heradski to save ” “Lower egg” – put the ball and leaked the goal from his legs.

In addition to the three goals, La Wan will also help Najabri entered a wonderful foot followed. As a result, La Wan became the first player in the Champions League in the Champions League. The last is the Madrid Athletic Forward Tiego, the war of Austria Vienna, November 2013. Costa. Counting these 3 balls, Lawan 20 European Champions League is 28 balls. And he had harvested 81 goals in 100 Champions League, breaking through 80 balls and C-Luo (116 games), and also sent 23 assists. Is La Wan to work on the Golden Globe? Koang said: “Have to be on, absolute. Especially considering the last season, and what he did, he must win the Golden Globe.”

La Wan Cha Crown 100 wear caps and is elected as the best player.

The Champions League team 4 rounds, Lai Wan is on the top of 8 bats, and Bayern has entered 17 goals, and the summary record of the Shengzhurman’s 2017/18 season in Paris. After experiencing the “collective short circuit” of Xinglade Bach, Bayern has grown into 5 goals for 2 consecutive games. Under Naglsman, Bayern 17 official competition has grown into a full 70 goal, and the field has achieved a 4.12 ball that tongue tongue! Is Bayern a Champions League? Na Shuai said: “Other teams will pay close attention to us, but we have to continue to ensure their popular status. A lot of excellent teams, and one of us.”

# 仁 5 to 2 Benfica #