Do you want to set a U22 competition group? One article tells you the true meaning of U22!

Dear sports fans will have a question when watching the National Games, which will appear in the Basketball, football, etc. I started as the same as the hindu tamil sports news everyone, but I have seen a lot of information, and I understand the importance of the country setting U22!

First, give you the definition of U22, U22 refers to the age of athletes at the age of 22. So in the 14th National Games, U22 refers to the players who were born after January 1, 1999. But in order to match the competition, each team can register up to 4 overhead players in the U22 competition.

According to the “Supplement Provisions of the People’s Republic of China on the 14th Sports Competition Rules”, we can also see that U21, U19, U17 and other competition groups. These competitions are mainly concentrated in my country’s what is new today collective projects, such as football, basketball, etc.

The significance of setting U22 competition group is mainly three aspects:

Excavate talent

my country has moved from a sports country to sports powers, although many projects have made great progress, but in three big balls, it is still in an incidence stage. Compared with the three big balls, my country’s three big balls are still working hard to Asia. At the National Games, you can better excaviate sports seedlings across the country by setting the U22 competition group. So excavating talents is a very important meaning, and it is also a key factor in setting an age group.

2. Encourage youth training

Football and basketball show a high level of business compared to other sports projects. Because of this, it is easy to have a strong economic power, Tuhao team directly news feed google buy high-quality players in other teams, and these clubs or provinces and cities have done a wedding dress for others. Through the U22 competition, all provinces pay more attention to yourself.

3. Protect players

Compared with adult players, you have a certain gap in your physical fitness. It is easy to cause young players if they participate in adult confrontation. If a player is full of injuries torture, then his career will not go smoothly. Therefore, the U22 competition group also has the meaning of protecting youth players.

Through the above explanations, what is the appointment of the National Games U22? If you have any questions, welcome the message to leave a message!