Public channel | "olive" in hard work! Shanxi wishes two gold one silver! Football game is perfect!

Continuous rainy days dropped to cool the summer day

But the Erqing Council is still hot

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July 8th – July 17

Erqing Fair Football Tournament

Shanxi football training base continues

From Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Zhejiang, Guangzhou, etc.

706 athletes of 51 representatives in 16 provinces and cities

Head 7 group gold medals

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July 17

Shanxi Swallow Football Team 60: 0

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Great victory Zhejiang Haiwang Football Team

Winning the club group men’s 1 group of 15 people champions

Erqinghui football project came to an end

6 teams representing our province

Got a total of two gold one silver

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In the fierce, the big score will win

Zhang Yifan coach in Shanxi Squad

Winning it in anticipation

Zhang Yifan: “It should also be expected, our Shanxi team adolescent strength www rajasthan patrika hindi news is getting stronger and stronger. Especially the men’s 15 people system, our hospital leaders and all aspects are very supportive. They have always been in accordance with the coaches. The intent is performed, and they played the level of 15 people system in Shanxi team, and our coach team is very satisfied. “

This winner will benefit very much.

The level of the team has also improved

But the champion is not the end of them.

The player Dai Zhendong said: “Step into adults in this game, and then play an adult game in the future. Strive to make contributions to the country in the future, strive to enter the national team!”

In addition, Taiyuan Longxiang team gets

Club Group Women’s Group 7 People Championship

Shanxi Summon Get

Club group women’s A group 7 human army

Rugby project

Mainly divided into three kinds of English, American and Australia

In the impression of the public

Rugby usually refers to the fierce competition

A American football that is rough, wearing protective gear hits

British football is relatively gentle

Mack and football players like

This competition is based on English football.

No matter which football

“Discipline Strict Gentleman’s Style”

Sports spirit is constant

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Ustelioven Heroes | Fiji defended 7 people rugby gold medal Take the cargo plane to Tokyo to create a legend

On July 28th, the 2020 Olympic Men’s Seven Rugby Finals in Tokyo Stadium, Ocean Province, Fiji team defeated the New Zealand team at 27-0, winning the Dawuzhou Deby won the gold medal, this is the Fiji football team Two consecutive sessions have been won in this emerging Olympic project. According to Fiji Media “Fiji Daily”, Fiji Prime Minister Mbini Malama will call the team to congratulate the team in the first time after the team won. The Fiji football team took the story of the fans of the frozen fish to arrive in Tokyo, and the hardships and legend of this gold medal.

In the future consumer share news group competition of this Olympic Games, the Fiji team as a B group of seeds is like a broken bamboo. He has defeated the host Japanese team, the Canadian team and the British team, except that the difference between the Japanese team is 5, the rest is overwhelming The two-digit division wins. Next, the Fiji team also gathered in the Australian team of 19 to 0 in the four-six-final session, and did not allow the opponent to get the score. The semi-finals, the Fiji team made a breath, and the 26-14 reversed the South America Jinji Argentina, and the strong kills the final. On the evening of the 28th, they encountered the New Zealand team of Tangzhou opponents, mutual death, and got the final victory at 27-12, got this precious gold medal, successfully defended. This is also the first medal that Fiji won in this Olympic Games is the telangana lockdown news today 2021 most integrated gold medal.

For the Population of only 890,000 Ocean Province, the arrival of this gold medal is simple, it is not easy. Simple is because this football team has absolute power, not to refer to a small country, can win gold medals at the Olympics, and is a championship, this gold medal is so precious. If it is not a seven-person rugby, from the Rio, it has been included in the Olympic game project. How difficult is this Oceania small country to get a medal. According to the “Fiji Daily” report, in order to participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games, in order to defend this champion, Fiji has given a full support for the football team. In April this year, Fiji ushered in the second wave of new crown epidemics, and the government quickly blocked the country and shut down all foreign flights. The Fiji team was in order to participate in the Olympics. All the players were isolated for more than a month, and they set off in the beginning of July, set up a cargo plane that transported a frozen fish, and he had a lot of effort to arrive in Tokyo. These efforts have not been in vain. This time the championship once again established Fiji’s dominant position cyber attack newsin 7 people ‘s football, bringing spiritual encouragement to Fiji, which gave epidemic, this is the power of sports.

Fiji’s national population is less than 900,000, and the official registered rugby player has reached 80,000, which means that there is a rugby player every 10 Fiji people. 7 The human football is extremely popular in Fiji. It is the national ball of Fiji. Almost all the nationals have a fanatical interest. The boys are proud of entering the Fiji Nationality, and the domestic large and small rugby club is even more. Number. The Fiji man’s football team has an uncomfortable status and brilliant honor in the history of 7 human tn news live rugby.

Almost every Fiji family wants a football star in the family. In the training of the ladie of the Fiji national team, you can often see the parents who come in the far road sleep in the corridor of the training camp, waiting to watch the child. Our training. Fiji is underdeveloped, many of the poor people don’t even get a real football, but the enthusiasm for rugby makes them practice with an air vial, coconut, etc., like “ball” Bailei’s kick socks Surprising, this is also one of the reasons why Fiji rugby can be in the world’s top ranks.

Text / Beijing Youth Daily reporter Liu Ilin

Editor / Xu Wei

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Bayern transfer: Alaba replaces the broker, will Austria Liu Xing leave Munich?

According to German media reports, Bayern players Allaba may leave Munich in this summer, Real Madrid and Barcelona intentionally introduce players.

Allaba has recently signed contract with brokers, and Zahawi is also a broker of news and Balai Wandoski, who was responsible for La Wan and Bayern’s renewal, and is very familiar with Bayern’s high level. “Sports Pictures” editor Fark updated news, and also confirmed that Araba and Zahawi have not reached a consistent, there is no signature. However, basically determined that Zahave will contribute to Araba to stay in Bayern, or go far from Spain.

Since the beginning of the 16 years old, Araba has played more than 350 games in Bayern, step by step, which is a world-class superstar, and Bayern who news today is indispensable. Bayern blem Robei Europe’s European football, became a strong ink history in the history of football, and inseparable from them, lam and Allaba were also flying behind them.

I saw a lot of comments that I can put away Araba from the perspective of tactical perspective. The author said it did not agree.

This season, Bayern after the fire injury, Eight million attraction, the old injury, Dagle Cross ligament torn. Alaba began to kick defenders and became an indispensable ring of middle and defense lines. Alfosso Davis was transformed into the left back of the left side, but the opponent was crushed with the violent speed, and the fans came out of Araba.

Alfonso’s performance has all won the heart of the club and fans, and the future should also occupy the main force of the left defender. After Lucas Erninand, after returning, there is a strong choice at the left back guard. In other words, Bayern has three world-class players on the left back. Because of this, many fans think that Allaba is not indispensable.

This reminds me of the story of last summer, after Luashe joined Bayern, we were still thinking about the world-class back defense line, and then suddenly wake up Huamels transfer Dortmund. Then Alaba became a sideware, and even Kikishi had a guest to guard, and Hu Mels appeared as always stable.

Back to the tactical adjustment. Alfonso’s strength has been recognized by the strength of the left defender, Lucas Ernande can serve as the middle guard, and Allaba can transform into the back waist. Whether it is defensive, or inserted, and the power of the ball, Allaba can say tough, not to mention the long-fired cannon, transformation into the back waist is very likely, and he has also played this position before . And with the growth of age, the decline in players is inevitable. For the role of side guards, the waist position after the speed of the speed is not good. For Allabel, multi-faced players in Allaba, for any club is a strong guarantee. Three left back guards can have a good performance in other locations. Three people can cover the left half of the entire course, which is undoubtedly greatly rich in Frei’s incense.

The rest can only be a contract. 8 million European annual salary, if it is renewed again, it should be went to the top salary of Bayern. Even if I go to other places, it is not casual that can be borne, Barcelona should be a treasure because of the chaotic salary structure, and Real Madrid is still possible. I personally prefer Araba to remain in Bayern, and the salary of salary or row after La Wan after renewal. Allaba, whether it is the Mia San Mia spirit of Bayern, or the tactical arrangement capacity requirement, is an important pen on the Dianfang red painting.

Helseys once rejected his furniture and creatures and clearly said that Allaba is a non-selling, and today, there is some change in things. Leaving, current Arab’s salary is currently 8 million euros after tax; leaving, then Bayern is a general.

For personal ideas, I hope that Allaba can stay. Leave it, you are the left of Andh, the confusion of Alaji is also because of you; leave it, after many years, I fantasize like the old brother of the big brother, including tears, shouting MIA San Mia leaves.

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20 games 14 goals! C Luo Wei is out of the excision, rushing 2 major records + history first, Manchester United European crown

The 2021 Jin Gallery competition is very fierce, many stars have the opportunity to take this award, the latest Golden Globe Dodget, Paris is the number one hot, Paris 4-1 Barcelona and 3-2 beat Bayern, made Mbpe rose countless, the Golden Games compete for battle, he took the Bayern star Rai Wan, and C Luo top local news stories todayranked 3rd on the list, some unexpectedly, Barcelon star Messi only ranked 8th Bit, it was low!

Mbpe ranked 1st in the popular list of the Golden Ball Award, in fact, there is no controversy. In 2021, Mbpe has a satisfactory performance in the Champions League knockout. Under his outstanding play, Paris 4-1 hit Barcelona, ??he Into 3 balls, and 3-2 defeated Bayern, Mbpeme’s two-degree, two games, let Paris become a big popularity in the Champions League. At present, Mbpe won the odds of the Golden Games 3.50, ranked 1st in the Golden Bull List.

new new news

If the 2020 Golden Radon is selected normally, then La Wan has no suspense, but the “French football” has canceled the selection, which makes the Poland Star, and he can only reap them again in 2021. At present, Lawan is ranking 2 in the Golden Ball Awards, and he wins this award’s odds 6.50, which is the second hot.

# 3 of Juventus Sustic Cron, he won the odds of the Golden Globe awards 7.00. Many fans believe that C-Roof is a little unfair, because Juventus out of the latest big news Champions League game, in Serie A State, Guomi also locks the league champion, and the Zebra Legion can only fight for Champions League. However, C Luo has an opportunity to have a counterattack. If Portugal performs excellent in Europe, even the championship, then C Luo has a chance to win the Golden Globe.

On this list, ranking # 4 of the 7th star is Manchester United’s Bruno – Fernandez, Manchester City, Paris, Nemar, Dort’s Hallant, and Barcelona head star Messi The ranking is just the 8th, it is current new not as good as the ranking of Halland.

Messi wins the odds of the Golden Games, which is 15.00. It has the opportunity to win the championship in Barcelona, ??and Argentina may also rank 8th in Messi, independently, is indeed a big mistake, knowing, in 2021, Messi has handed over very dreamy personal data. The only flaw is that in a strong dialogue, Messi’s performance is not satisfactory, in the game against Hua, he has been dumb.

After official news Messi, the two world-class shooters Harry Kane, Suarez also ranked among the top 10, and they were also obvious in the performance of this season!

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Basketball and football, who is China’s first big exercise?

On September 15, with the referee whistle, the Spanish team defeated Argentina with a 95-bit fraction of Argentina won the 2019 Men’s World Cup champion. Hold the game at home, lost the game with the game with the signature of the signature, and the Chinese men’s basketball team will be broken.

On the other hand, the male football defeated the first battle, and the main Maldives successfully opened the 2022 World Cup Asian Budget.

Chinese men’s basketball team and Chinese men’s feet, two originals that have not been intended to integrate, have created a wonderful fate due to the World Cup of their respective projects in recent time.

Five Leagues, Champions League, European Cup, World Cup, and the world cup, the popularity and influence of the World Cup, even once over the Olympics.

The most popular in basketball, the greatest influence, the highest level of NBA, but it can’t match the Football World Cup. Two big spheres in the world have no many suspenses, but there is a different situation in China. Football and basketball, who is China’s first movement, and the topic discussed after people’s tea.

Who is the first movement in China, depending on two points.

First, the masses’ basis; second, industrial scale.

1, the number of basketball fans, the football pays high

“2018 China Basketball Industry White Paper” pointed out that in China’s sports industry, basketball has become the first movement. Two groups of young people under 20 years old and two groups of adults in adults are the most like basketball, accounting for about 52% and 40%, respectively, ranked first in all sports.

At the same time, according to leading US analyst firm released survey show for sports fans, NBA is currently China’s most popular sports league.

The combined data transmission costs, game ratings, the network pay to watch people as well as a range of indicators such as social media activity, more comprehensive.

In fact, in a similar survey in more than 20 countries around the world, only the Chinese market, NBA topping the list.

In addition, in terms of the size of the fans, basketball is also an advantage.

Football “world movement” in China has a broad mass base, Chinese fans overall size of nearly 200 million people, of which the number of fans regularly watch football league habits of about 30 million, paying spectators population has exceeded 14 million .

While the number of relatively large number of basketball fans. Pan-China 2018 the number reached 482 million fans, including the number of core basketball fans to reach 143 million people.

Fans from scale, larger basketball charm.

Also bring traffic to the commercial value of nurturing sporting events a broad mass base.

For basketball, the huge basketball fan base, a fan of the star players of the effect reveals the charm and the commercial potential of basketball, whether it is the most NBA fans concerned about the game, or in recent years increasingly popular CBA, events and players charm led an important part of the commercial value of the basketball industry.

NBA came out on top in order to, for example, 33% of Chinese NBA fans willing to watch and pay for. Since its creation in 2010 NBA Weibo, a total amount of more than 40.96 million fans, the NBA fans in the Twitter (27.9 million) of 1.5 times. NBA is also one of the highest Chinese sports broadcast rights fees.

As one of the most active social platform, focus on the microblogging total number of basketball-related events and the club’s fans more than 100 million. Meanwhile, the Tiger bashing as one of the most professional basketball forum, the monthly average of about 55 million active users. Social media has played to bring network traffic will actively promote the role of the basketball industry, the outcome is more evident especially after the market-oriented what is the breaking news reform China men’s basketball team.

RUTHERFORD basketball tournament as one of important copyright owner, its up to 482 million unique users. High-density, high coverage of attention, basketball is the most active support.

For football fans in recent years, most domestic events concern is the 2018 World Cup.

According google breaking news to cross-screen viewership 2018 World Cup coverage of CCTV released, the 2018 World Cup-related content touch up the number of passengers reached 27.85 billion, plus Youku, microphone cushions open data platform, touch up the overall World Cup visitors over 30 billion people.

From the point of view of network traffic, attention, football is significantly higher than basketball.

2, basketball participation is much higher than football

Contrast attention, participation more convincing. In China, football and basketball participation can not be compared.

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Subject to movement restrictions of its own characteristics, for basketball, a ball, a basket, a person can Hey up, but not football.

There are fans participate in sports can be a real fans, this is a lot of basketball fans believe that basketball is a source of confidence in China’s first movement.

Closely related to the participation of ball games is the infrastructure. At this point, football basketball has incomparable advantages.

breaking news now

The large number of basketball venues. According to the State Sports General Administration of the Sixth National Stadium to census data, the number of basketball courts reached 596,400, accounting for 36.32% of all the number of sports venues, ranking first in all types of venues. Basketball court area of ??358 million square meters, accounting for 18.37% of the total area of ??all sports, ranking second in all types of venues.

In contrast, the number of football pitches a little “shabby.” According to statistics, as of 2018, there were 54,528 football field, new new news soccer field where the standard 13613, 40915 non-standard football field. According to the population in terms of the number of sites for every 10,000 to 0.4.

In densely populated national conditions, the construction of a football field takes a lot of manpower and money, but out of a basketball court or can. Subject to infrastructure, participation in basketball than a lot of football.

3, large-scale industrial soccer basketball positive reforms become a rising star

Since 2012, the total size of my country’s sports industry year after year growth trend is more clear, the sports industry has been unprecedented attention at the national policy level. From 0950 to 2400 billion sports industry with a bright future.

2016 domestic football industry total size of 125.9 billion yuan, an industrial scale is the highest in ball games. But with the Basketball Association of the positive efforts in recent years, industrial scale basketball is also a step by step to expand.

With the deepening of market-oriented reform of basketball, sports pan-entertainment features are also gradually emerging, basketball star basketball plays an important role in promoting the industry, this temporary lack of national football.

Some media reports, over 90% of users agree that the main reason for its own existence Yao Ming basketball concern. Obviously, Yao Ming, Chinese basketball because there is such a leader, only to attract more people’s attention. Unfortunately, the current football in China, Yao Ming is difficult to create a type of character. No matter what sport, you need a super hero, like a lot of people because Jordan and started to pay attention NBA, because Maradona and focus on football, like Yao Ming, the emergence of Chinese basketball more attractive, people have become more concerned about many.

In the depth of integration trends in entertainment and sports, the basketball than football one step ahead, on the one hand, more and more willing to build a sports and entertainment star image, but also very easy to drive fans to the relevant movement; on the other hand, increased recreation basketball elements, as well as variety shows packed into basketball, is becoming a craze.

So, football and basketball, which do you think is the first movement in China?

Data News Editor: Chen Hua Luo

New Media Design: A CNR

Reviewed by: Liu Jun

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At 3 am! Big Paris is exploded! Dana Ramma is a background board, and the 11-year shame record is born.

At 3 o’clock in the morning of October 30, Beijing, the first round of the 12th round of the 15th round, the Big Paris was at home against the battle guard champion Lille.In the first half of the competition, the Lille left offensive received results, Jonathan-David pushed the door to help the Level of the Jika. 1-0 lead.

Big Paris has experienced the super acquisition of summer, and the 7-point advantage before the game is leading, and it seems that the league champion is just a problem. When I last season, Big Paris became a runner-up with a gap between 1 point, which broke out a big cold door in the French League.

And as a defending champion, the play of this season is relatively bad. After losing the tall coach, Garjie and a number of main players, the defending champion has become a mid-reservoir of the league. Ranked 10th in the front of the Race, there is 13 points in Paris.

On the first list of this game, big breaking news Pochntino did not send the body discomfort Mbpe, and Ashiraf was also arrested in the upper round.At the first choice of the goalkeeper, this 22-year-old Italian main country Donar Ramma will play again, and he replaces Navas in the rounded horse.

english me newspaperOnly 1 minute in the game, the Lille got a chance to fight quickly, and Irmaz was shot from Donaru. Subsequently, the Lille’s Ico, with an injection, and the defending champion opened a lot of threats.

Big Paris, after steadying the opening situation, slowly find a certain offensive. In the 30th minute of the game, Messi left an unmanned shooting opportunity, but unfortunately, the ball was what is the current news played.

At the 31st minute of the game, the Lille took the lead in obtaining the goal.Irmaz took the ball in the penalty area to break through, which almost affected the rear line of the big Paris. As a result, Jonathan – David was built in unmanned anti-door, which made Dana Rama to lose the background of the news of ball.

After the game lost the ball, the broadcast shot immediately gave the Navas who was watching the game. After the new season joined the big Paris, Dona Ramma was not the absolute strength of the team. In the previous game, he broke the door twice by the Rennes, causing the team to finally lose.

After the sale of the ball in the first half, the big Paris once again refreshed a shame and embarrassment, which was the worst defensive achievement of nearly 11 years, and lost 11 goals in the first 12 rounds.The upper half of this field, the sharp line threatening of Messi and Nerma, there is no way to make too much pressure to the Lille.

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James est banni de la NBA

Lors du dernier tour de la compétition entre les Los Angeles Lakers et les Detroit Pistons, les joueurs des deux côtés se sont affrontés. Les joueurs bien connus James et Isaiah Stewart ont eu un grave conflit lors de la compétition de lancers francs, ce qui a fait qu’Isaiah Stewart est devenu sanglant. James a été expulsé pour une faute malveillante au deuxième degré. Ce conflit a attiré beaucoup d’attention même après le match. James dans le maillots basket pas cher voulait également trouver l’autre côté pour s’excuser après le match, mais Isaiah Stewart a refusé d’accepter les excuses de l’autre côté.

Même si le jeu est terminé, la farce n’est pas terminée avec Isaiah Stewart provoquant James sur les réseaux sociaux après le match. La NBA a également puni les deux pour leur comportement imprudent, la superstar des Los Angeles Lakers James a été bannie d’un match. Il s’agit de la première suspension en 19 ans de carrière de James. Il semble que James ne pourra pas jouer au prochain match sous le maillot Los Angeles Lakers.

C’est en quelque sorte un avertissement de la NBA aux joueurs dans l’espoir que les joueurs puissent gérer calmement les choses qu’ils rencontrent dans le jeu.

Der Sieg der Los Angeles Lakers kann die Mängel des Teams nicht verbergen

Die Fans der Los Angeles Lakers begannen zunächst mit der Rückkehr von LeBron James, und dann begann auch das Team mit einem Spielsieg. Von Beginn der Vorsaison bis zur regulären Saison schnitten die Los Angeles Lakers in der neuen Saison nicht besonders gut ab. Dies hat auch zu Veränderungen beim Verkauf der Los Angeles Lakers Trikots geführt, ein Spiel zu gewinnen ändert nichts an dem grundlegendsten Problem des Teams.

Die Los Angeles Lakers haben seit der letzten Saison drei Spieler nicht gewechselt, nämlich LeBron James, Anthony Davis und Taron Horton-Tucker. Der Rest der Spieler wird während der Nebensaison rekrutiert, und diese Aufstellung lässt die Fans von Los Angeles voller Erwartungen. Doch die Los Angeles Lakers verloren in der Vorsaison sechs Spiele in Folge. Ist das das Champion-Team, das unzählige Fans kennen? Die Los Angeles Lakers verloren gegen die Brooklyn Nets, Phoenix Suns, Golden State Warriors und Sacramento Kings. Dieser Rekord ist genau der gleiche wie die Nummer 6 des Basketball NBA Trikots von LeBron James in der neuen Saison.

Das Problem für die Los Angeles Lakers ist nicht nur das stillschweigende Verständnis zwischen den Spielern, das taktische Niveau von Teamchef Frank Vogel, die mangelnde Abwehr der Mannschaft und schließlich das Alter der Spieler. Obwohl die Los Angeles Lakers die Detroit Pistons in diesem Spiel besiegten und ihre Pechsträhne von drei Spielen beendeten, gewann dieses Spiel nicht leicht. Die Detroit Pistons liegen derzeit auf dem vorletzten Platz der Eastern Conference, und der Abstand zwischen den Los Angeles Lakers und ihren Gegnern beweist alles.

Messi appeared in Argentina, the strength of Uruguay Surarez, Bolton’s slight advantage

Italy VS Switzerland

Italy’s current situation:Italy has been carried out in 6 rounds, and there are 2 rounds. At present, 14 points in Italy, 14 points in Switzerland, 8 points in Bulgaria, 5 points in Northern Ireland and Lithuania 3 points, Northern Ireland and Lithuania have been eliminated, Bulgaria also Basically eliminated, the situation of this group will be the first return of Italy and Switzerland. According to the rules, the first can be directly out of the group, the group can only kick the addition, Italy is in the last preliminaries. On the addition, this time I believe that they don’t want to repeat the same mistakes, and they are expected to win the first Swiss lock group.

The team main Barera, Bellardi, Pelegri recently have a record record, the performance is good, the offensive end is excellent, and the team has been able to get a record record, the team The ball is actively enterprising, and the number of balls in the nearly three events in the team exceeds 2 goals, and the main scene is relatively firm. In the past, 10 homes were only defeated, but they won the 6 games. Overall performance.

In the world rankings, Italy ranks 4th, Switzerland, the world, the world, the world’s strong team, from the player’s strength, Italy is stronger than Switzerland, in the European Cup this summer, Italy shows excellent performance, group match 3 All the fields are all, kicking into 7 goals, one goal is not lost, the uptack is significantly increased, the knockout is continuous, after promoting the final final, and England kicks 1-1 in regular time, and finally launched the European Cup champion, The overall strength is quite good.

Switzerland’s current situation:Switzerland is not good, although the whole is not as good as Italy, but they are in this year’s European Cup or good performance, Switzerland 1 wins 1 won in the European Cup Group 1 win, in the best group, third out, knockout They played with the World Cup Champion French team. In the case of 1-3 behind, they played into 3-3, and finally, I won the French, and the 8th game was also kicked to the final game with another World Cup. Spain. Although the final Chelsea Jersey point is lost, the strength is still quite good, the team mainly enabo, Sterff, Gaverolavic wrapped in 4 grains, the foot is quite, the team passed 8 The field events remained continuous score and won four games. The status is quite stable. The European pre-selected in Switzerland can be zero opponents. At present, the defensive end is more good, and the strong team is not weak.

This field: Although Switzerland lost to Italy in the European Cup Group this summer, after entering the Manchester United Jersey world, the two teams handed over Switzerland 0-0 kicking flat italy, and did not let the Italian goal, In the first 6 rounds of groups, the two teams were 4 wins and 2 flat, 12 Italian scored 12, 10 Switzerland, the ball is the same, both parties are basically almost the same, the two teams pay attention to the defensive team .

The two teams have played again, I believe that there is no change in style. Dialogue is directly dialogue in this round of two teams. This game is the first place in the group. It Liverpool Jersey is related to the opportunity to go directly. The two teams will certainly not rush to the attack, maybe First make a good defense, patiently look for opportunities, then take the other party, this game goal is not a lot, initially giving it to Italy’s good support, there is a loss of weakening in the later period, the difficulty is not very difficult, it is too easy to avoid The individual is more optimistic about at least one point in Switzerland.#Italy#

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Jonathan Marcheso on Vegas Golden Cavaliersin ensimmäinen herrasmies

Ennen kuin Seattle Sea Monsters ilmoitti pääsystään NHL:ään, Vegas Golden Cavaliers oli liigan nuorin joukkue. Nyt Vegas Golden Cavaliers on käynnistänyt ensimmäisen Mr. Joukkueen historiassa hän on Jonathan Malceso. Hän löysi joukkueen, Halvat NHL Pelipaidat joka antoi hänelle mahdollisuuden pelata pitkään ja oli jo antanut hänelle parhaan vastauksen.

Kun fanit näkevät Jonathan Malceson suorituksen Vegas Golden Cavaliersissa, kaikki ajattelevat, että hänen uransa on erittäin jännittävä. Mutta vain Jonathan Marcheso ymmärtää, että hänen uransa on täynnä haasteita. Hänellä ei ole ulkoisia etuja ja hän voi jatkaa vain peruskoulutuksen toistamista. Kuten monet tulokkaat, hän halusi päästä liigaan draftin kautta, mutta päätettyään nuorisouransa hän kohtasi tuloksen, ettei häntä valittu. Mikään joukkue ei ole valmis antamaan hänelle uutta NHL-sopimusta.

Jonathan Marchessaultia ei voi voittaa takaiskuilta. Hän allekirjoitti kolmivuotisen sopimuksen Columbus Blue Jacketsin kanssa vapaana agenttina. Tämä on hänen ensimmäinen ammattijoukkueensa NHL:ssä, ja sitten Tampa Bay Chargers ja Florida Panthers ovat hänen lyhytaikaisia ​​joukkueitaan. Hän allekirjoitti pisimmän kuuden vuoden sopimuksen joukkueen kanssa vasta, kun Vegas Golden Cavaliers valitsi hänet vuoden 2017 NHL-laajennusehdotuksessa. Jonathan Marchessault pitää myös Vegas Golden Knights Pelipaita kovasti, joukkue on myös hänen ihanteellinen kotinsa. Jos fanit ajattelevat, miksi Vegas Golden Cavaliers suoriutui niin hyvin, se johtuu siitä, että heillä on hyvä henkinen johtaja, hän on Jonathan Marcheso.