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The HKMA has set up a special hosting to help professional opinions regional familiarity of things by the HKMA and the browsing group to professional opinions SMEs and the public with the COVID-19 increasing incidence. You may also read in detail the useful doubt hotline and write to mend there. View the world wide web . hk government latest news Hong Kong government Latest News & Videos, Photos about Hong Kong government The Economic Times
金管局已經於網站設立專頁,方便公眾了解金管局與銀行界在新型冠狀病毒疫情下支援中小企和市民的措施,並附有相關查詢熱線及電郵地址。 most visited news websites australia 按此瀏覽 。 Social Welfare Department
金管局已经于网站设立专页,方便公众了解金管局与银行界在新型冠状病毒疫情下支援中小企和市民的措施, most visited news websites australia